Flowering Fundraiser to Build a House

The team going to Haiti in June is raising money to help build a house for the family with triplets by selling flowers, bulbs and plants!!


Orders accepted thru the end of April.  If you live in the Evansville, Henderson or Owensboro areas, there is no extra shipping.  If you live outside of these areas there will be additional shipping charges.

Contact Meghann Phelps at (270) 313-3543 or meghann.missionsoflove@gmail.com to place an order or ask a question.  If you, your church or youth group would like to help SELL the flowers, Meghann can mail you an order form.

There are 7 pages of flowers and plants to select from!

Download (PDF, 1.26MB)





Three Man Team

Who says you must have a large group to accomplish large tasks?

Joe Green, Ralph Porter & Dale Breedlove are currently in Haiti.  Here’s some of the fun they’ve been having this past week.  Please keep them in prayer as they return home later this week.



Joe working in the dental clinic.


Ralph and Dale working on shelves for the pharmacy.


Joe’s working on the electricity in the dental clinic for the Xray room!


Asa & Jean’s Spring Report

Wishing you all a blessed celebration of our Lord’s great gift to us with his death and resurrection.  We have just arrived back from Haiti, so we will just send greetings to all and thanks to God for His grace and protection.  There is much to report but we will do that a bit later.

For now, this is the group that accompanied us and a picture of the completed incinerator shed which was one of the projects that was built by them.

P1010888 P1010910

Now we need a medical incinerator capable of consuming metal, glass and wet waste with minimal toxic emissions. We would appreciate input from anyone who has knowledge or experience with that sort of thing. We need one that is up to current standards and priced at an amount within reach. We want to be careful with the monies God has entrusted to us and need to know the pros and cons of various products available, as we have little or no experience in such matters. There have been some suggestions from within the mission but are still searching for the optimal solution.

God be with you and we will be back at a later date.
Asa and Jean

New Church in Bairry is Growing

This church in Bairry is a great example of the tremendous work that Pastor Jean Robert and his congregation have done in Haiti.  They are out in the community seeking those who are lost from Jesus.  They reach out to communities that are surrounded with voodoo and drive satan out!

Where there was no church before now stands a church that consists of 82 Christians – 34 members and 48 believers.


Thank you to Guerby Odin for providing us with photos and video of the church!

March 8th a Festival was celebrated to give God the Glory and Honor for the Church of Bairry.


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New Church Plants


Pastor Julian

Pastor Julian Loute is planing a revival /conference this April. In the last 25 years this man as started and mentored many churches in the remote mountains of Haiti.
Thousands of people has turned away from Voodoo and taken on Christ as their savior.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved” Mark 16:15


This is the mission of this great man of God. In today’s world, even in Haiti, the cost is great for the travel and food for these wonderful outreaches. If you would like to support our Evangelism teams by pay pal click the button below.worship

Checks payable to Missions of Love can be mailed to PO Box 292 Hartford, KY 42347. Please note Evangelism on your donation.

A Difference is spelled….YOU

Seventeen years ago, I headed to Haiti for the first time. Our MOL compound was nothing but an empty piece of property and a vision. In the small community of Jolivert, the men had no jobs, the children were hungry, typhoid and malaria were common. Since that time, that empty property has been transformed, jobs have been created, children are being fed and typhoid and malaria are almost non-existent in our community.   An entire community has been blessed.

Thousands of lives have been transformed not only physically but spiritually as well. Our medical clinic is thriving and is 100% Haitian run in country. All these years later, the clinic finally brings in enough income to pay for medicine and staff at the clinic. Our goal has always been to help the Haitian people help themselves.

IMG006In the meantime, we have programs that have not, and never will reach this goal – to be self-sufficient; we strive to reach the poorest and those most in need. We pay for teachers because families can’t. We pay for roofs because without them widows and their families would be living in mud.

Our general fund pays for these and many other expenses; Haitian taxes, vehicle expenses, generators, solar equipment, and maintaining structures at the compound. These are all necessary for ALL of our programs to remain operational.


We are seeking 100 ministry partners to sign up to support MOL for one year with a $25 monthly pledge. This breaks down to only 82 cents a day!

What would your $25 a month do?

  • Pay a teacher’s salary for an entire MONTH
  • Buy a 50 pound bag of Haitian Rice to feed the hungry
  • Buy 5 sheets of tin for a roof
  • Keep MOL operational so that we can continue to reach those in need

We also have 2 medical professional students that we are training who will come work at Clinique Jolivert when they are finished with school.

Wilgunes is in medical school. His tuition is $2600 a year. He has several years left.

Saltane is in nursing school. Her tuition is $1,200 a year. This is her last year.

Missions of Love excels at showing God’s love to the Haitian community, but the reality is that we’ve never been great at fundraising. Please pray and consider supporting MOL.

You can mail a check, pay thru PayPal or our Secretary Pat Duarte can set up monthly draft withdrawals. You can be a monthly Ministry Partner or make a one time contribution. The key is YOU! You can make a difference!

In Christ’s Love,

Amy Wolf

  • You have the option to click “recurring” once you are taken to the paypal page.

  • Checks payable to Missions of Love can be mailed to PO Box 292 Hartford, KY 42347. Please note General Fund on your donation and if it is a one-time donation or a monthly donation.
  •  Email pat.missionsoflove @ gmail .com or call (270) 779-4033 and speak with Pat about automatic draft withdrawal.

MOL is a 501c Not For Profit and as such, you will receive a statement for your tax purposes.

Evangelism Update

Evangelism  – Pastor Julien Loute has been associated with Missions of Love for over 20 years. He had been doing evangelism in the homes of the people surrounding Jolivert. During these years he has taken missionaries under his wing, taking them to remote places in Haiti to spread the Gospel of Christ. Over this 20 year period, Apostle Julien has planted 20 churches, some of which he has taught young men how to build churches, installing pastors and teachers in place. Many time American Missionaries has taken of up the mountain in the Army Truck with Apostle Julien to see what is needed for different churches. Most of the time Pastor Julien has walked to many of these places, which some are many days walk.

Two years ago, one mission group decided to present the Apostle with a motor bike. Missions of Love helps our pastors with conferences and revivals. This money comes out of our General Fund. If you would like to help with the Evangelism program, any amount would be greatly appreciated. It takes about $2400 to set up a church, with walls and roof and wooden benches. There is no padded seats.

This was the first site of a church Apostle Julien planted in the mountains of Haiti, there now stands a large block church with many members. This was mostly Voodoo country and now because of the work of people like our missionaries and pastors like Apostle Julien, Christianity is on growing rapidly.


Dental Clinic Update

From Barbie Porter –  I have a special prayer request I’d like to ask you to take upon your heart in agreement prayer with me. As most of you know, The Lord allowed Ralph and I the honor of seeing a new dental clinic built in the sands of Missions Of Love in Jolivert, Haiti, a mission we dearly love and believe The Lord has sent us to. From the time of the first round of dental donations, April 28, 2012, till the start of the new building in Haiti, January 10, 2014, till the last coat of crippie (stucco-type finish) was on December 19, 2014, it seems God has commissioned this project by providing countless provisions, timely shipments, a quick build and a beautiful building.

However, it breaks our hearts to see this new dental clinic sitting idle. Will you please help us pray that The Lord will send godly, caring, mission-minded dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to comprise dental teams for Missions Of Love dental clinics in Jolivert, Haiti for this year? And, likewise, that God will provide a godly Haitian, Cuban or other, dentist, hygienists and assistant, as local staff for ongoing, dental care?

The residents of Jolivert area truly need dental care and have suffered long without it. Thank you so much for your prayer support. God Bless You!