June Dental Team is On Their Way

Please be in prayer for the June Dental Team as they head to Haiti.  Pray that their skills will be used to improve the lives of those they touch and that they are the hands and feet of Jesus, spreading the news of His Love to everyone they encounter.


You can still join the October Dental Team. Dentists and hygienists are needed!


Highlights 2015 Spring Haiti Trip

Well, we are back again with more details about our wonderful trip to Haiti in March of 2015. It is all praises for all God did.

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1. Enthusiastic teams:
We had four from Rainier View Christian Church in Washington state who led our Haitian builders in erecting the incinerator shed, and Donah and Roberta who did a little of everything (teaching Women’s Bi-ble study, painting, working with Jean and the children’s party and whatever was needed). Asa and Jean and Nick Cleaver, a professional painter, from Valley Church of Christ in Virginia completed the group. Asa and Jean concentrated mostly on the Eye Clinic and left all of the above to do their chosen tasks.

2. About 200 children attended a party which included singing, Bible stories, health teach-ing , refreshments and small gifts. Everyone had a joyous time.
Nick is a a superb painter, and he roared through the clinics and Manba House, teaching all who would listen how to paint. Even our translators pitched in, and after he left, Horace completed many of the remaining buildings.

3. Twenty people participated in Bible studies and received Bibles at the conclusion.
Morning devotions with the group.

4. The incinerator is well thought out and constructed (see earlier note from us for picture). It will house almost any type of medi-cal incinerator, which is so needed to keep unauthorized people from having access to dangerous trash. We are now raising money to buy one which will cost between $10,000 and $20,000 for an adequate one. We have about $5,000 at present.

5. The compound gleams with white painted buildings. Nick is a a superb painter, and he roared through the clinics and Manba House, teaching all who would listen how to paint. Even our translators pitched in, and after he left, Horace, one of our Haitian staff, completed many of the remaining buildings. and all are white and clean looking again.

6. We are so grateful for our excellent and dedi-cated Haitian staff who keep the clinics and programs running all year round, and are always friendly and help-ful. They are touching lives and making a difference. The Eye Clinic alone cared for approximately 2000 people in 2014. Our hope has always been for the Haitians to run the mission and we to be a resource for advice, support and planning. It is coming to fruition.

7. Two of the local churches with whom the mission is connected, have been sending teams into the mountains with God’s Word and planting church-es. Some of the areas are steeped in Voodoo worship, but people are turning to the Lord and leaving their traditional pagan practices. It is almost like watching the 1st Century revival, and God is glorified.

From Asa and Jean Talbot


Spring Work Team – Follow Up Report

MOL Haiti Spring Work Team 2015

The three-man work team of Joe Greene, Dale Breedlove and Ralph Porter spent their days in April at the MOL compound in Haiti doing what handymen do… sawing, sorting, hammering, hanging, plumbing and planning. By the end of the 10-day trip the trio had completed several projects on the new building and mission house, made a trip to St. Louis de Norde to acquire long-lost goods, and experienced the blessings of Easter and Passover on the Isle of Hispaniola.


Albeit, the guys agreed that one of the first pleasures upon arriving at the MOL compound, was the treat to the eyes as they got an up close and personal look at all the MOL medical buildings sporting a fresh coat of bright white paint, courtesy of Dr. Asa’s March work team. The guy’s concensus was “They sure looked nice, and so professional.”

Prepared to “git ‘er done,” their to-do list looked something like this:
* Pharmacy: Build shelves and hang lights. CHECK. CHECK.
* Dental Clinic: Build X-ray room. Install dental X-ray machine. Build shelves. Install and plumb sink. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. And double CHECK.
* New Building: Install water filter on the water line coming into the new building to help prevent build up in the water lines. CHECK.
*Mission House: Convert closet into storage room for handyman tools and supplies. CHECK.
* Retrieve and Inventory Three-Year Old Shipment from Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. CHECK and CHECK.
(Thanks to Blaud, Dale and Ol’ Blue, the MOL Army truck, this check also marked the celebrated arrival of the medical X-ray machine parts. So, now the hope of acquiring X-ray capabilities in the medical clinic has been resurrected!)
** Fix other things all around the compound as needed. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. Check. Ch…

In addition to all the work accomplished at the compound, the guys noted how active, and well-maintained the medical clinic was operating, the efficiency of the new generator and solar system, and how very much they enjoyed celebrating the Passover season and Easter with their Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.

Now back state-side, the guys can take a little rest knowing the MOL Pharmacy is complete, the mission house is pretty up to snuff, the dental clinic is ready for the arrival of the June dental team and future dental dreams, and a partial sigh of relief can be released as hope grows toward receiving the rest of an almost, all-but-forgotten shipment.

Flowering Fundraiser to Build a House

The team going to Haiti in June is raising money to help build a house for the family with triplets by selling flowers, bulbs and plants!!


Orders accepted thru the end of April.  If you live in the Evansville, Henderson or Owensboro areas, there is no extra shipping.  If you live outside of these areas there will be additional shipping charges.

Contact Meghann Phelps at (270) 313-3543 or meghann.missionsoflove@gmail.com to place an order or ask a question.  If you, your church or youth group would like to help SELL the flowers, Meghann can mail you an order form.

There are 7 pages of flowers and plants to select from!

Download (PDF, 1.26MB)





Three Man Team

Who says you must have a large group to accomplish large tasks?

Joe Green, Ralph Porter & Dale Breedlove are currently in Haiti.  Here’s some of the fun they’ve been having this past week.  Please keep them in prayer as they return home later this week.



Joe working in the dental clinic.


Ralph and Dale working on shelves for the pharmacy.


Joe’s working on the electricity in the dental clinic for the Xray room!


Asa & Jean’s Spring Report

Wishing you all a blessed celebration of our Lord’s great gift to us with his death and resurrection.  We have just arrived back from Haiti, so we will just send greetings to all and thanks to God for His grace and protection.  There is much to report but we will do that a bit later.

For now, this is the group that accompanied us and a picture of the completed incinerator shed which was one of the projects that was built by them.

P1010888 P1010910

Now we need a medical incinerator capable of consuming metal, glass and wet waste with minimal toxic emissions. We would appreciate input from anyone who has knowledge or experience with that sort of thing. We need one that is up to current standards and priced at an amount within reach. We want to be careful with the monies God has entrusted to us and need to know the pros and cons of various products available, as we have little or no experience in such matters. There have been some suggestions from within the mission but are still searching for the optimal solution.

God be with you and we will be back at a later date.
Asa and Jean

New Church in Bairry is Growing

This church in Bairry is a great example of the tremendous work that Pastor Jean Robert and his congregation have done in Haiti.  They are out in the community seeking those who are lost from Jesus.  They reach out to communities that are surrounded with voodoo and drive satan out!

Where there was no church before now stands a church that consists of 82 Christians – 34 members and 48 believers.


Thank you to Guerby Odin for providing us with photos and video of the church!

March 8th a Festival was celebrated to give God the Glory and Honor for the Church of Bairry.


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