April Ministry Spotlight – Eye and Ear Clinic

Dr. Asa exams patient

In the year 2000 MOL was blessed to have Dr Asa Talbot (Lieut.Colonel, US Army Medical Corps, retired) and his lovely wife, Jean, an RN, to join us. They offered to build and staff a much-needed  eye clinic in a joint partnership.  We would supply the grounds and infrastructure and they would develop, staff, and fund the eye clinic.

At the present, some 16 years later, I’m happy to report that these two highly-committed servants of our Lord have served thousands of Haitians with a multitude of eye problems and impaired vision.  They have supplied them with medication and eye drops for problems such as eye infections and glaucoma, and have fitted hundreds with glasses.  Thanks to this devoted couple of medical professionals many people of all ages have had their vision restored; many of whom are able to read the bibles we’ve given them for the first time ever.

May God richly bless Asa and Jean for their years of hard work and sacrifice on behalf of the poor, the halt, the lame and the blind of Haiti. 

Dr Bob and Betty, Palm Bay, FL.

Interview with Asa & Jean Talbot

What brought about the Eye & Ear Clinic?

Jean and I have been with MOL since 2000 and originally worked in the general medical field with Dr, Bob and Miss Betty.  Shortly after that we noticed the critical shortage of affordable eye care. Although my training is primarily in the field of ear, nose and throat, God apparently had a different plan for our work. Years before, during my Army service, I was trained as a Naval Flight Surgeon. Since these doctors serve for months at sea on carriers they are taught to treat and refract eyes as well as give other care to the aviators. An ophthalmologist friend came into possession of the office equipment of a deceased optometrist and needed to move it on. When asked if I could use it, I immediately saw how it could become a vital ministry in a land with great needs and people with few resources. We shipped it in and set up clinic in the Steel Building (where we also slept and was the only building on the compound then). Within two years we needed dedicated space and built and equipped the current Eye/Ear Clinic.

What about the Ear part of the equation?

There has never been as great a need for ear care as opposed to eye. We are equipped to do basic office ENT and see an occasional ENT patient but we have never had the operating room or staff to do ENT surgery. For the first few years we had an audiologist with us who tested hearing and supplied hearing aids and training for the hearing impaired .but her priorities changed. We still have that capability if the Lord moves someone to pick up the thread.

MOL Eye ClinicObviously God’s hand is on this work but how are you able to continue it?

We have received donations of used equipment and have generous pharmaceutical companies who see the needs of the Third World as a humanitarian  issue and provide medications. By the Grace of God, Jean and I have been able to receive generous support from several churches and close friends, and we have been blessed to have some of our own funds provided that this work could be continued without taxing the already burdened medical clinic and mission. At the same time generous printing ministries have supplied literature which allows us to have an evangelical aspect by passing out pamphlets, witnessing to patients, supporting the adult literacy program through free exams and supplying Bibles and literature to area churches. Of course, this ministry has always been involved in the general activity of MOL in spite of being a unique medical specialty.

What do you offer the Haitian people that makes your ministry relevant?  

It is a terrible thing to not be able to see well enough to sew, read your Bible or see the blackboard in school. We offer testing of vision (as well as minor office level eye care), test and treat for glaucoma, provide glasses for those who need them (again often donated by the Lions) and arrange for complex lenses for those who need them. While there are doctors and facilities in Haiti that offer these services,  the cost for the poor is prohibitive and they do not get what they need. We also detect cataracts and other blinding problems and are hoping to one day be able to interest ophthalmologists who would be able to offer surgical solutions.

What has been the impact of your ministry?

Because we show the love of Christ to people who would otherwise not have usable sight people come from all over Haiti and the surrounding islands to be seen and told that God loves them (Jesu remen ou). We are seeing over 1200 people a year, giving glasses to some 500 and holding back the progress of glaucoma in about 350 souls. We also served the general medical needs after the earthquake and through the cholera epidemic a year later. Dr. Asa preaches every Sunday the weather allows.

Guerby examinesAs you are approaching retirement from active mission work what does the future hold?

We are trying to attract younger people in all aspects of the mission work and this one belongs to God. Jehovah Jireh  (The God Who Provides) will supply our needs. We would go on as long as we can but, although the work has not been a physical burden, the travel to and from is taxing and we cannot do what we did when we were younger. It has been our mission goal from the beginning to equip the Haitian people to succeed on their own. In keeping with this we have trained Haitians as technicians to do the basic work and are in negotiations with a young Haitian ophthalmologist about part time participation. Our Haitian staff does a wonderful job and has learned well.

If He saw the need in the beginning, He will carry the good work to completion.


My Mission Trip ~ Tiffanie Quisenberry

Tiffanie Quisenberry

Name:  Tiffanie Quisenberry

Age:  31

Profession:  Teacher

Where do you live?  Pleasant Ridge, KY


Have you ever been on a Mission trip before?  Yes, to Haiti

How did you hear about Missions of Love?  I met Dr. Bob and Ms. Betty when I was a teenager at church.  They always spoke of Missions of Love and Haiti and what awesome things God was doing there.

Was this your first trip to Haiti?  No, this was my 4th trip to Haiti.  I went twice with Ms. Betty when I was a teenager, and I went 2 years ago with Ms. Betty, Nancy, and Meghann.

How many days was your trip?  10

Have you always had a desire to do mission work?  Yes, since I learned what it was and went to Haiti for the first time.  When I was younger, I thought I would be a teacher in Haiti!

What was the purpose of your Missions of Love trip?  We took youth in, allowed them to experience Haiti and lead some VBS in different areas.  I met with teachers at Morotier school we support to see how things were going.

What did you think of the Haitian food/culture?  I love the black beans and rice.  I am not a big fruit fan so that was a downfall.  And I was a little skeptic on the meat.  But I have no trouble at all eating in Haiti.  As for culture, I adjust, the hardest part is wearing skirts/dresses all the time, but I managed.

Were you able to experience Haiti outside the MOL compound?  Yes, on the way in we stopped in Gonaives and visited a mission and bakery.  Then we went to Dufailly and stayed overnight with Christophe’s family.  We visited many different places for VBS.  We went across the river to Fondu Roc.  We took the army truck two hours to Marochier.  We travelled to Bas-Berard, home to the triplet family my life group supports and taught a VBS and visited a small school there.  We went to Saint-Louis-du-Nord to market and Port-de-Paix.  On the way out of Haiti, we stopped in Carries, Haiti at Ocean View Resort and stayed for two nights.  This resort was very nice compared to what we were use to in Jolivert.  We got to sleep with air conditioning!!  It was also right on the ocean with a beach with sand!!  But what was most awesome about this resort was it was ran by people who also run an orphanage, elderly home, young girls home, school and so much more for the community.  It was so awesome to see others helping Haiti!

Would I like to return to Haiti some day?  YES!  I plan on returning to Haiti many, many many more times!

May team is on the ground and on the radio!

May team

The May Mission Group, lead by Dale Breedlove, has safely arrived in Jolivert.  They’ve been holding conferences and spreading the Good News.

Pastor Willie

Pastor Willie was able to speak on the Radio during his talk on faith.  Pastor Jean Robert has a local radio station, Holy Ghost Radio, and they can now do remote broadcasts!!

Radio Broadcast



Appreciation Dinner in Jolivert

Ap Dinner Dr Asa speaking

Merci,”or “thank you,” were the spoken words of the heart at the Missions Of Love Jolivert, Haiti Conference Center on February 19, 2016 as several Haitian staff members, pastors and friends of the Mission gathered to express gratitude to Dr. Asa and Jean Talbot, Founders of the MOL Eye & Ear Clinic and Nancy Bukovnik, Founder of the MOL Adult Literacy Program for the difference they and these programs have made in their lives over the last few years.

“It was my conception to do that for them in 2016 for the impact their work do for us here in Jolivert and in Haiti specially,” wrote Blaud Mondesir, Haiti MOL Director

“We all feel that Dr. Asa, Jean and Ms. Nancy have made a difference in our lives, so we want to say ‘thank you’ and let them know we love them.”

Music was provided by Solid, “Soldiers of Christ”

Message of Honor was given by Pastor John Robert

My Mission Trip – Amy Harlow

Each month, we are adding in a section called My Mission Trip, where we ask mission trip participants to share about their experience with Missions of Love and their time in Haiti.

Amy Harlow, Hair Braiding

Amy Harlow getting her hair braided by the girls in Jolivert.

Amy Harlow
Age: 43
Horse Cave, KY
Dental Hygienist

Amy Harlow

Q: Is this your first mission trip? A: No. I went on a couple of mission trips while in college; one to Louisianna to provide aid to victims of Hurricane Andrew and another to Missouri to clean up flood damaged homes.

Q: How did you get interested in missions? A: Over 23 years ago that I felt that God had placed on my heart to go to Haiti one day and serve in missions.

Q: How did you hear about Missions Of Love? A: I received a text from my brother-in-law who heard about a need for a dental hygienist in Haiti. My heart skipped a beat. I knew it was the time!

Q: How long was this MOL trip? A: 10 days

Q: What was the primary purpose of this trip? A: To be a part of the first dental to offer services at the newly built MOL Dental Clinic in Jolivert, Haiti.

Q: Were you able to accomplish that? A: Oh, yes! We saw 96 patients and performed 269 patient services in six days.

Q: What did you think of the Haitian food? A: The food was amazing! I loved the fried plantains,fresh fish, chicken legs and fresh mango. Beans and rice were a staple and always good. Blaude the compound director was wonderful! He brought in a special cook to prepare meals for us and tried to have meals that were familiar foods to home.  He was always looking to please us and he never failed!

Q: Was there an experience on this trip that touched your heart? A: I experienced a humbling moment in Haiti near the end of my trip. We hiked up the mountain behind our compound early one morning to see the sunrise. On our way up we saw in the distance two women laying on their backs praising and worshiping God and then waving a white cloth in worship. It was so precious to see these ladies worshiping before the break of day high on a mountainside. I’ll never forget it.

Q: Do you feel you connected with the Haitian people? A: There were so many precious people that I met while in Haiti. They showed love to me by welcoming me to their community through hugs and smiles.  When we would leave the clinic in the evening, sometimes we would be greeted by some of the young girls from the village. They loved to braid hair. And my blond hair was very different from theirs, so they enjoyed playing with my hair!

Q: Would you like to return to Haiti someday? A: I do believe I will be back. I feel a great door has been open to serve there among wonderful Christian people with Missions of Love. Haiti has been in my heart for a long time. God planted that seed and I believe that planting will grow.

November 2015 Team Report

Our apologies that this report was misplaced and not posted in a timely manner.

From October 29 thru November 8, Pat Duarte-retired director and treasurer of MOL- led a conference team to Jolivert.  Pat was accompanied by MOL director Dale Breedlove. The team was from Bethesda Ministries International of Evansville, IN.

November Team

November Team

Bishop Darrell Cook, who has made several trips to the Jolivert area, was pleased to have his wife, Pastor Tanya Cook, with him on her first visit there.  Sister Brenda Lewis had dreamed and prayed of a mission trip as a girl and thanks the Lord that Haiti was an answer several decades later.  As a young wife and mother, Sister Kori Hinton, was thankful for the opportunity to serve Jesus beyond the familiar area of Evansville.

Sunday, Nov. 1st, was a special Ordination Service at the church at Limit pastored by Jean Robert. Several active believers from the surrounding area, who had completed months of training, were given their charges as pastors, evangelists, or deacons. At sunset before the evening service, four new believers were baptized in the river.

The women conducted a women’s conference on Monday afternoon, giving their testimonies and Pastor Tanya bringing the main message- A Call for the Willing Woman. Bishop Darrell led a men’s conference on Tuesday afternoon on the Power of God to Bring Us to His Perfection and Unity.   A combined men and women’s conference was held on Wednesday reinforcing the previous themes. Thursday evening several gathered for a revival meeting.

During the afternoons, Sister Kori and translator Henry ministered to the children who gathered on the hill outside the conference center after school.  Several other opportunities to gather, teach, and fellowship occurred throughout the week.

The gospel spreads across Haiti
By the power of God Almighty
The Word is preached throughout the land
We are thankful to be a part- our small band
Kori, Tanya, Darrell
Brenda, Pat and Dale
Some taught Jesus to the youngster
Others had teachings for those oldster
From Evansville, Hartford and Pittsboro
We praise the Creator along with rooster, dog and burro
Let each one raise their voice
To the Lord of Lords who gives us choice
To know Him and His Son for eternal life
Or continue in our sin and strife
Haitian, American or other alien
We can all be forgiven

Dale Breedlove