20 Things To Be Grateful For……

A Report from Jean and Asa Talbot’s Trip March 14-April 3, 2014

(Not all inclusive nor in order of importance)

1. Safe and uneventful travel (in spite of the roads).

2. Vanessa (Angel Missions) housed us in PAP until we could get the bus to Jolivert. She was just back from Jolivert herself and rented the van to MOL and is working on getting Nehemie’s visa. A tireless lady!

3. Blaud, Christophe & the staff—kept things going smoothly, were always patient and cheerful and wear more hats than Bartholomew Cubbins. They drove us about, ensured meals, supplies and helped Kim Caron gather material for her Doctoral dissertation.

4. Nurse Kim who pitched in to help wherever needed—both in clinics and with children. Unfortunately, she could only stay for a week.

5. Guerby and Jerome working tirelessly and lovingly seeing patients and caring for Nehemie’s needs.

6. Translator Jean Dort meeting us at the bus station in PAP and helping us get to Jolivert and working for a week, along with our indispensable George Reynaud, who was with us for the whole time.

7. Joe Greene, Dale Breedlove, Ralph Porter and Austin Pierceson did Herculean work to get the Dental Clinic ready for patients (plumbing, wiring, windows, security bars, doors, etc). They resolved plumbing is-sues in the residence and raised the supply tank six feet to improve the water pressure.asareport1


8. Our dentist, Dr. Mary Gebhardt, husband Bob and Barbie Porter set up the dental clinic and treated 28 patients to cleanings and fillings on the last two days.asareport2

9. The men brought and installed the new generator. PTL for power to do God’s work.

10. Some life-giving rain which came to nourish the parched gardens.

11. The revival at Aquil where 10 young people gave their lives to Christ.

12. The work of Widson and Soldat de Christ preaching in the mountains and villages.

13. The local pastors and the Haitian people planting new churches and dispelling the darkness.

14. Our barrels arrived! Talitha Pierceson and Janna Andrews helped to unpack them, helped everywhere they were needed and held two days of VBS with 83 children each day. They ministered cheerfully and enthusiastically. It is such a joy to have young people who can keep up with the children.JannaAndrews

15. The hardworking cooks, cleaning and laundry people.

16. Holdine for agreeing to give English lessons to Jerome and Guerby.

17. The love that everyone showed to one another in the face of heat, sickness and fatigue.

18. The generous gifts of the people in the U.S. that made it all possible.

19. The example of the Haitian people, working hard and smiling in the face of adversity and poverty.

20 The grace of God Whose Hand was evident over all. As some of us age a little, He strengthens us to get done what lies before us. The wonder of Christian service is that God honors and supplies us with His strength in our weakness. Shalom