NEW Project! Agricultural Seed Project

The seed project, detailed below, will be attempted in the following two communities: Biscaille and Marotier. It will utilize 650 packets of seed (seed types are listed below) in our school at Marotier involving 130 students. At Biscaille 250 packets will be utilized by 50 students. In addition, each teacher will receive the same five types of seeds for their own personal gardens which will act as a control garden.

The seeds for the seed project are provided by Child First Meds of Franklin, Texas.

a teacher at Biscaille with sample pkg seed given to each student

a teacher at Biscaille with sample pkg seed given to each student

Each teacher will oversee his/her students and administer the project.
The teacher must keep notes on the progress of each student.
Each student will receive five varieties of seeds that includes one packet each of squash, eggplant, tomato, onion and carrot.
The students, with the help of their families, must work regularly in their gardens, giving reports of their progress to their teachers on a regular basis.

Have the seeds planted actually germinated?
Are they watering and shading the plants properly to aid their growth and keep them from dying?
Which type of plant has provided the most food for the family table after harvest?
Has the seed actually provided a harvest? If not, why?
Did the harvest of the seeds provide enough extra food to sell in the market?
Was this program a benefit to both the student and his family?

Each student must return 10% of any proceeds from his garden to his church as a tithe.
The teacher should take photos of each students garden at the following stages: after planting, after germinating, and at the time of harvest and when the tithe portion of the harvest or its proceeds is shared with the student’s church.

The teachers involved should report the outcome of the project to Christophe Velcine and/or Blaud Mondesir in writing.

Betty Johnson, RN, COO, MOL in Haiti

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