Asa & Jean’s Spring Report

Wishing you all a blessed celebration of our Lord’s great gift to us with his death and resurrection.  We have just arrived back from Haiti, so we will just send greetings to all and thanks to God for His grace and protection.  There is much to report but we will do that a bit later.

For now, this is the group that accompanied us and a picture of the completed incinerator shed which was one of the projects that was built by them.

P1010888 P1010910

Now we need a medical incinerator capable of consuming metal, glass and wet waste with minimal toxic emissions. We would appreciate input from anyone who has knowledge or experience with that sort of thing. We need one that is up to current standards and priced at an amount within reach. We want to be careful with the monies God has entrusted to us and need to know the pros and cons of various products available, as we have little or no experience in such matters. There have been some suggestions from within the mission but are still searching for the optimal solution.

God be with you and we will be back at a later date.
Asa and Jean