Betty’s Summer Update

Dear friends, prayer partners and ministry partners,

Much has happened at Jolivert since last I reported to you.  MOL has been very busy with construction of our new dental clinic, installation of our new diesel generator, and upgrading and enlarging our solar grid in an effort to sharply reduce our monthly expenses on diesel fuel.  All of these projects, of course, were only made possible through your generous support and gifting.   While construction and other costs continue to escalate each year in Haiti we always strive to get the best bang for the buck for those precious gifts that you continue to give so sacrificially. God bless you all for hanging in there with us!

Our new clinic building was designed to house far more than just a dental clinic. It will include a new pharmacy, an office for patient registration and medical records. They have already moved into the new office.

Ralph and Barbie Porter brought in our very first dental team in April of this year. Their dentist and assistants cleaned and filled many teeth and there were some extractions as well.  It is our plan to have the dental clinic completely finished by October of this year, and we have other dentists who have expressed an interest to come down to see patients.  The Haitian Ministry of health is also now searching for a dentist among their ranks to work out of our clinic on a regular basis.  Always looking ahead, we are now striving to identify students from the Jolivert area to place in dental school and to train as dental hygienists as well.

Our own clinic chaplain, pastor Jean-Robert Louis Sez, has formed yet another new congregation at Biara, a heavily populated area high in the mountains.  The people are very poor and badly enslaved to voodoo practices. In addition, MOL has begun a new medical outreach clinic there and will send a nurse and possibly a doctor there each month.  We’ve already added two new outreach clinics making a total of eight adult clinics and seven for pediatrics. Our latest new pediatric clinic is in the mountains above Chantsolm, a town about 10 miles north of Jolivert.  The adult clinics are designed primarily for the elderly that cannot travel by foot or donkey to our main clinic.  Many of these patients are on daily medications for hypertension, arthritis and the like and need regular monthly follow-up.

The membership in our churches are growing steadily and new congregations are being started each year, thanks to the evangelical fervor of pastor Jean-Robert, Pastor Julian Louth, and the evangelical team of young men we’re supporting known as the “Soldat Valiante” (valiant soldiers for Christ).  We have relieved Jean-Robert of his administrative duties in the clinic so he can devote full time efforts to evangelism, at which he is doing a great job.  Child First Ministries of Franklin, Texas continue to furnish our pediatric medications for the mountain clinics, although this has been sporadic due to enormous shipping problems in getting them from the Netherlands to Haiti.

The two physicians we have helped to train over the years are Drs. Louissaint Louis Sez and Daniel Louth (a son of Pastor Julian).  Louissaint will be working at Jolivert this summer and Daniel will work at Jolivert after completing his internship on December 1st.  Our deepest thanks to all who have contributed to the costly education of these fine Christian men.  We’re now seeking supporters for a third medical student, Wilgan Belizaire (whom many of you know).

On my last trip to Haiti in March of this year, Bill Gallo and I attended a celebration in honor of Madame Evelyn, a key employee of our safe water program called Guardian Dlo (water guardian).  She has worked diligently for this program over the years and is responsible for much of its huge success all over Haiti. The celebrations at both Jolivert and  Port-au-Prince was sponsored by Emory University who honored and awarded her as the first Haitian ever to receive such an honor.

Please know that all our programs at Jolivert continue to minister to  hundreds of people daily throughout the region.   Clinic Jolivert has indeed become a major health center in the northwest of Haiti.  Our partnership with the Ministry of Health(MSPP) has added an HIV clinic to our compound employing a full-time social worker who counsels families with HIV and teaches its prevention.  There will be two additional employees added next year and their salaries will be paid by the MSPP with funds made available through such organizations as WHO, UNICEF and donations from many other countries.

Our most critical needs for the present are additional funds to finish applying stucco to our new clinic building (about $2800 US), and either building or shipping in a special incinerator to deal with the constant stream of refuse at our busy compound.  We’re also soliciting funds for bibles, medicine and a shelter for our new congregation at Biaria.  It is our prayer that you will continue to partner with us as we continue reaching out with the love of Jesus Christ and the sharing of his gospel to the sick, lost, and dying which still numbers in the tens of thousands in our region.  Our work is never done.

One final note:  our Haitian director, Blaud Mondesir,  is taking to wife a lovely nursing student from the Okap area this summer.  Please join us in wishing him God’s richest blessings on his coming marriage.  Dr. Bob and I send our warmest wishes to you all.  While we’re not getting any younger we’re still holding on…. Thanks to the Grace of God.

Betty Johnson, RN, president MOL.  15 July, 2014