Betty’s Trip June 2013

My group included Tiffany Quisenberry, Meghann Phelps, and Nancy Bukovnik who with myself, accompanied Dr. Louissaint Louis XVI who went in to be installed in his role as staff physician at Clinic Jolivert in Haiti. We had a wonderful week working together, and were excited to announce Louissaint’s installation on the clinic staff…a long-awaited event. He graduated from medical school this past May and has now returned to Haiti to work for the next couple of years under the supervision of Haitian doctors from the Ministry of Health. It is extremely gratifying to us that the ministry now considers Clinique Jolivert to be one of the major health clinics in the Artibonite department of the Haitian government. Not only do they send some of their young physicians to serve on our staff as part of their obligation in training, but they partnership with us in many other ways, such as making Clinique Jolivert a regional diagnosis and treatment center for AIDS, a center for immunizations and other public health interventions for the local citizenry . Our medical staff doctors and nurses are now partaking of a new and vigorous post-graduate education program initiated and funded by the ministry of health in cooperation with such groups as WHO and UNICEF.

Louissaint will also serve as a member of an Executive Management Team at Jolivert , initiating many plans to upgrade, improve and modernize services and patient care at the clinic.

Pastor Jean-Robert will be relieved of some of his duties to make him more available for his ministerial and pastoral interventions with the patients. He will now have sufficient time to resume the daily devotional times for both staff and patients. We are especially proud and pleased that most of our professional staff at Jolivert now consists of local students who have been assisted in their various training programs and have returned to the Jolivert community to serve as doctors, nurses, and lab techs. This has been a long range goal of MOL leaders for many years which has finally become a reality.

It has given me great personal joy to be able to walk through the clinic in a mostly supervisory role realizing that I am no longer required to have hands-on, one-on-one patient contact as I did for so many years. Our clinic has now become modernized even to the extent that we have been supplied with cell phones to maintain close contact with older physicians at Gros Morne Hospital for consultations on specific cases and to arrange transfer for critical patients to Gros Morne. Believe it or not, most Haitians have at least one family member or close neighbor who owns a cell phone, and they can now phone in to make appointments, and can even be called to be reminded of appointments. An ambulance is even available to transfer patients when needed. I cannot tell you what a giant leap forward all this has meant to delivery of medical care to the widely spread populace we’ve served over the years.

We are now eagerly awaiting construction of a new building in our quadrangle that will house an administration office, medical records, a new larger pharmacy, and (at long last!) a new dental clinic. Our board had decided that such a building would be a greater immediate priority than the surgical pavilion originally planned, as the Lord has placed a trove of dental chairs, drills, and other equipment in our hands (thanks to the hard work of Ralph and Barbie Porter) and even some dentists who have pledged to come in to work and help with the training of dental technicians to carry on in their absence.

The surgery is still on the drawing board, however, and will also one day come to be, the Good lord willing! The last group from Lexington, Ky who were led in by Brandon Embry (and who overlapped with my group) were able to give fluoride treatments to 300 children. They will receive a second treatment in six months by another group, or the same group. and we hope have a complete dental office operational by next Spring. This is a priority for our area in Haiti. There are no dentist within 20 miles each way of clinic Jolivert and very few available elsewhere. The Patients in Jolivert are extremely happy about the prospect of a dental clinic.

A work team is standing by to go in and finish the installation of our new x-ray machine and solar power grid and new generator just as soon as we can get the supplies through customs and off the dock in Port-au-Prince.

Lastly, both Dr Bob and I are thrilled at all the improvements taking place and wish to express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated and competent staff and the management team of Blaud Mondesir, Christophe Velcine, Dr. Louissaint Louis XVI, and Miss Edlin Beaubrun, RN. God bless and keep you all!

Betty Johnson, RN, COO MISSIONS OF LOVE, Inc