Bob’s Update on Surgery Ward & Xray

Dear friends,
It’s been several weeks since my last report on all the exciting programs going on at Clinique Jolivert. Many more teams have come and gone, each having achieved their goals, whether evangelical, educational or medical. I was to have gone in with the last medical (biotechnical) team led by Ralph Porter and others of our directors, but an acute coronary attack laid me low for a time. (Thanks to God though, I’m recovering very nicely at this writing).

The team was able to accomplish much, getting our new x-ray machine up and running, at least for a time, ably overseen by biotech Bill Wright who was the one who crated and shipped the machine to us in the first place. It was passed on to us by the good folks of Lumier Ministries, one of our many ministry partners in Haiti. The tube, however, was found to be defective, so the team must return with another tube and several other peripheral parts, wiring, etc.; all of which come to a total of $5300 which just about wipes out our clinic funds. But just imagine: a modern x-ray machine made available to thousands who have never enjoyed the benefits of such a hugely effective diagnostic and therapeutic tool! No more diagnosing or setting fractures blindly as I and other doctors have been forced to do repeatedly over the years. No more guesswork about diagnosis and treatment progress for tuberculosis for lack of a good chest x-ray. Coupled with the acquisition and installation of a blood chemistry multi-testing machine in our lab (and 24/7 refrigeration for the reagents used by it) our clinic has made a giant leap forward in its role as the premier provider of health care in the area. Hundreds of patients with diabetes, hypercholesterol, or renal failure can now be managed far more effectively.

Such huge blessings have created their dilemmas, however. A main one being that our outdated generator (a 40 kw Kubota diesel) is running on its last leg. It has served us well over the past few years, but could play out on us at any time. Replacement can cost $10,000 US and up. And Bill Wright, also an expert on solar power with many years experience in that area has advised us that our present solar grid, while having saved us thousands already in diesel fuel costs, is still inadequate for the service of an x-ray machine, lab refrigeration, and a new surgery. He estimates that it will take another $20,000 US to bring it up to speed and continue to reduce our reliance on any generator, new or not. (Recall that our generator uses 1.5 gal of diesel per hour with diesel in Haiti now running near $5.00/gal).

The second dilemma relates to the new surgery itself. While we have been blessed with the donation of many thousands worth of modern surgical equipment, instruments, operating tables, anesthesia machine, and a new Bovie electro-surgical coagulation/cutting machine, we now have no operating rooms to house them. Because of the huge need for elective surgery such as hernias, tumors, and bone defects, we’ve had promises from surgical teams from all over the country willing to come in and help. Thus we have planned for a surgery for years, but the funds to build it simply have not come to pass. We have floor plans for a 30 x 40 ft. cement block structure (steel reinforced) housing two ORs (operating rooms), a scrub area, sterilizing area, surgeon’s locker room and a recovery room which may run as high as $70,000 US (finished, tiled, lighted, plumbed, etc.), depending on whether we build a one-level or two storied (much preferred) building. Yes, I know! I’ve described a total project running in the high double-digit thousands. (And, incidentally, a mere fraction of the cost such a unit would cost here in the US). But one thing I’ve learned over my years of serving His Kingdom for the poor of Haiti: He has all the money in the world…and if it’s in his will, IT SHALL BE DONE!

Bottom line: after much prayer and study, we’ve decided to present you with this much-condensed and very general description of our needs for you to pray about and examine your ability to help in some way, small or large, be you church, mission board, Sunday school, surgeon, workplace, or other individual. And if you or yours feel led to help in any way, don’t hesitate to phone me for additional info, floor plans, electrical schematics, itemized price break-downs, photos and the like. I’ll be happy to send you by post a packet of these documents for your further study and information. You may contact me at 270-315-7284 night or day, or our secretary-treasurer, Pat Duarte at 270-779-4933. In addition, myself, Pat, and others of our directors are more than happy to visit your church for a face-to-face presentation and/or Q & A session at you request. We further encourage those of you who’d like to come down for a visit and inspection of the mighty things God has accomplished at Jolivert , we happily invite you to do so! I promise you, you’ll be most impressed at how far MOL and Clinique Jolivert have come in the nineteen years that have flown by since we first purchased the land and began our work there, and all thanks to God…and to your generosity.

“…Are you the One who was to come, or should we expect someone else?” And Jesus replied, “go back and report to John what you hear and see: the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me.” Matt. 11:2-6.

God bless all! Dr Bob, 4-6-12