Cap Haitien Earthquake Not Felt in Jolivert

Many have concerns over today’s report of another earthquake in the Cap Haitien area that claimed some lives. I just spoke by phone with one of our directors, Karen Becher who assured me that no tremors were felt at our clinic compound in Jolivert.  She returns tomorrow after several exhausting days of sorting, inventorying, and distributing tons of relief supplies (food, medicines, dressings, etc.) from our depot there.  Much still to be done, though, as two more truckloads of supplies are being delivered to the docks in Miami.  They will be on the next boat leaving for Port-de-Paix in a couple of weeks.  At least two more teams are going in over the next four weeks to facilitate the ongoing distribution process.

Meanwhile, our food and tent distribution program in the Charbonierre region of PAP is still ongoing.  Rumors have it that schools in PAP hope to resume in April.  But we don’t depend on rumors, so we have already resumed primary school for 150 children, having provided shelter and hired seven school teachers.  We are also supporting two orphanages with a total of 35 kids.  On the other hand, many thousands are pouring out from Port-au-Prince into the rural areas and other metropolitan areas such as Port-de-Paix in search of food and housing.

While we’ve sent most of the tents gathered thus far on to PAP, we’ve shared tons of other crucially needed goods with hospitals and clinics in the northwest.  Also, thanks to much hard work by our Haitian physician, Dr Guerry, he has re-instituted our health outreach program in six remote mountainous areas around Jolivert.  This program had been siderailed for some months due to having our Child First-donated medicines held in Haitian customs on the docks at PAP for some seven months.  These meds make it possible to save hundreds of children’s lives each year in areas that never see a doctor or nurse.

God bless all who have supported us in these herculean efforts, and to the many churches and other missions who have and are partnershipping with us.

Stay well! Dr Bob