A Difference is spelled….YOU

Seventeen years ago, I headed to Haiti for the first time. Our MOL compound was nothing but an empty piece of property and a vision. In the small community of Jolivert, the men had no jobs, the children were hungry, typhoid and malaria were common. Since that time, that empty property has been transformed, jobs have been created, children are being fed and typhoid and malaria are almost non-existent in our community.   An entire community has been blessed.

Thousands of lives have been transformed not only physically but spiritually as well. Our medical clinic is thriving and is 100% Haitian run in country. All these years later, the clinic finally brings in enough income to pay for medicine and staff at the clinic. Our goal has always been to help the Haitian people help themselves.

IMG006In the meantime, we have programs that have not, and never will reach this goal – to be self-sufficient; we strive to reach the poorest and those most in need. We pay for teachers because families can’t. We pay for roofs because without them widows and their families would be living in mud.

Our general fund pays for these and many other expenses; Haitian taxes, vehicle expenses, generators, solar equipment, and maintaining structures at the compound. These are all necessary for ALL of our programs to remain operational.


We are seeking 100 ministry partners to sign up to support MOL for one year with a $25 monthly pledge. This breaks down to only 82 cents a day!

What would your $25 a month do?

  • Pay a teacher’s salary for an entire MONTH
  • Buy a 50 pound bag of Haitian Rice to feed the hungry
  • Buy 5 sheets of tin for a roof
  • Keep MOL operational so that we can continue to reach those in need

We also have 2 medical professional students that we are training who will come work at Clinique Jolivert when they are finished with school.

Wilgunes is in medical school. His tuition is $2600 a year. He has several years left.

Saltane is in nursing school. Her tuition is $1,200 a year. This is her last year.

Missions of Love excels at showing God’s love to the Haitian community, but the reality is that we’ve never been great at fundraising. Please pray and consider supporting MOL.

You can mail a check, pay thru PayPal or our Secretary Pat Duarte can set up monthly draft withdrawals. You can be a monthly Ministry Partner or make a one time contribution. The key is YOU! You can make a difference!

In Christ’s Love,

Amy Wolf

  • You have the option to click “recurring” once you are taken to the paypal page.

  • Checks payable to Missions of Love can be mailed to PO Box 292 Hartford, KY 42347. Please note General Fund on your donation and if it is a one-time donation or a monthly donation.
  •  Email pat.missionsoflove @ gmail .com or call (270) 779-4033 and speak with Pat about automatic draft withdrawal.

MOL is a 501c Not For Profit and as such, you will receive a statement for your tax purposes.


Eight days in Haiti just isn’t long enough to accomplish everything that you want to do.  Honestly, I don’t think ANY length of time would allow you to do everything you want to do.  I want to thank Karen Becher and Amy Bankston for an amazing week.  It was Amy’s first visit to Haiti.  I hope to have an article posted from her here very soon.  I’ll also post a full report on our trip in the next few days.  In the meantime, there are several new albums posted to the website so that you can see all the various places we visited and the clinics that we held.  It’s been far too long since my last visit.  I’m ready to go back already.  Over the next couple of weeks I hope to revamp the MOL website and get all the programs up to date.  Please check back often!!   Amy Wolf

Clinic in Odige

Today we took 4 “taxis” to Odige.  Translated that means we rode on the back of a moped for an hour, loaded down with bags of donated medicine!  It was an awesome day.  Dr. Gerard and Nurse Edline saw 87 patients, lots of prescriptions were filled, Amy Bankston made foam crosses with the children while telling them all about Jesus!  We were also able to show them the Jesus Film with the solar projector kit.  It was wonderful to see so many enamored faces watching the movie while waiting to be seen by the doctor.  The church and the people in the community were very welcoming and prepared us a delicious lunch of rice and goat!!  A large percentage of the patients were elderly.  They just have no means of transportation to get to a clinic unless they can walk 3 hours – and it really can be uphill both ways.  It’s so mountainous.  Check out the photos from the clinic here.

Jolivert Update

Karen Becher, Amy Bankston and I all made it to Haiti safe.  We were blessed to spend the night at Good Shepherd Orphanage in Port au Prince.  The kids sang for us this morning before we headed back to the airport to get Amy’s missing luggage.  First timers initiation, only half her luggage made it!  As we headed to Jolivert from Port au Prince, we of course got stuck on Route 1 when 2 buses crashed.

One lost it’s brakes and crashed into another.  Half an hour later though, Widson had us back on the road headed to Jolivert.


Tomorrow we’re going to get ready for our outreach clinic in Odige.  I’m going to get busy taking new photos!  My how things change when you’re away for 3 years.

We’ll post more later.  Amy


Blue Grass Church Packing 200,000 Meals for Haiti

It all began with a nickel……..  Last summer, MOL put out a plea for VBS programs to collect nickels to pay for shipping costs for meals from Feed My Starving Children.  The kids at Blue Grass Church in Evansville, IN were so enthusiastic about raising money that they challenged the adults to MATCH whatever they raised.  When all the donations were counted it totaled over $2,000 paying for shipping more than 40,000 meals!

This nickel drive prompted Blue Grass to seek more information about Feed My Starving Children.  We discovered that for just 17 cents a meals, Blue Grass could host a Mobile Packing Event.   A few phone calls later, Blue Grass has signed up to pack 100,00 meals as their kick off event for a Year of Service.  Beginning in January, Pastor Doug Heiman began his sermon series with A Hole in the Gospel and kicked off the FMSC Packing Event to be held Feb. 5th – 7th.  Just a few weeks after the kickoff, the congregation had so many volunteers and had raised nearly $13,000 of the $17,000 needed for the event.  Pastor Doug then challenged the congregation to step out in faith and commit to 700 volunteers, 150,000 meals, and $25,500 to pay for the meals.

As we all know, disaster struck in Haiti soon after.  Once again, the congregation was moved to do more and help in anyway that they could.  Next weekend, over 1000 volunteers will pack 200,000 meals at Blue Grass Church.  All of these meals will be distributed in Haiti.

MOL has seen first hand how the FMSC meals can make a difference in the life of a hungry child.  MOL distributes the meals at the school in Marotier and in the Jolivert community.  FMSC has already sent 6 million meals to Haiti and more are on the way.  Visit FMSC Haiti Relief for more information on how your church/organization can host a Mobile Packing Event.

Blue Grass has raised nearly $30,000 of the $34,000 needed to pay for the meals.  Additional packing events are currently in the planning stages.  Visit the Blue Grass website for additional information.