Bridging the Gap & Dr. Johnnie Blout in Jolivert

In May 2018, Dr. Johnnie Blount of Bridging the Gap brought a mission team of 8 to the Missions of Love Compound. As always, we had a very exciting and productive time. We spent three mornings with about 150 Pastor’s and Leaders from the area churches worshipping, teaching the Word of God and providing personal ministry. We always provide them with pens and notepads and at the end of the conference we give the men a necktie and the women took a necktie home for their husbands. It is always a blessing to spend time with them.

We also held a three day VBS for the Children. This is also exciting. There were 450 children in attendance. We used puppets to teach them about hygiene, keeping MOL grounds clean and the Word of God. We also played games and did crafts with them. At the end of the third day, be made sure that all the children went home with a gift bag. The time that we spend with these children is priceless.

We held a two-day Women’s Conference for the women in the area. We spent time with about 100 women worshipping, dance and teaching them about who they are in Christ. The most important part of this conference is being able to love on these women. At the end of the conference, we gave all the women a bracelet and a scarf. They are all so precious.

This year at the request of one of our young Haitian men, we held a three-day conference for the young people. This was the first time doing this. If was a wonderful time. There were 100 young people in attendance. We taught them that they do not have to be afraid of their future and then we had a question and answer session. We gave a bracelet that says “MWEN PA PE POU AVNI MWEN!” which says, “I AM NOT AFRAID OF MY FUTURE!”. These young people requested that we continue to have this conference.
One of the greatest things that we do during these conferences is we get the opportunity to serve and feed them every day. We feed them natural food and spiritual food.
John 21:17…….. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.

On this trip, we participated in a revival in one of the local churches where Pastor Johnnie Blunt and Pastors Bobby and Kim Watkins preached. Also, on Sunday morning the mission team split up and went to three of the area churches to preach.

The BTG Mission Team would like to thank MOL, Blaud Mondesir and Mrs. Nancy Bukovnik for the way they always take great care of us while we are in Haiti.

Hurricane Update

We’ve been posting updates on our Facebook page and will continue to try and keep everyone informed as information comes in to us.

MOL Vice President, Nancy Bukovnik is safe in Gonaives, Haiti.  Her text this morning – “Rain all night. No wind. Safe. House full of children from the orphanage. They slept on floor. Pastor wanted them on a second level in case of flooding. Thank you, jesus . Not raining now.”

Blaud is in PdP and his text this morning “Everything is ok here in Port de Paix,rain all night long,wind but no damage except in the area of Biary and Tante.”


Photo from Blaud in PdP.

Pastor Jean Robert has reported to us as well that Biary has sustained a lot of damage.

MOL will be updating you just as soon as we get further information from those in Haiti.  Please keep praying for them, especially the southern tip where they are cut off and communication is almost zero.


Appreciation Dinner in Jolivert

Ap Dinner Dr Asa speaking

Merci,”or “thank you,” were the spoken words of the heart at the Missions Of Love Jolivert, Haiti Conference Center on February 19, 2016 as several Haitian staff members, pastors and friends of the Mission gathered to express gratitude to Dr. Asa and Jean Talbot, Founders of the MOL Eye & Ear Clinic and Nancy Bukovnik, Founder of the MOL Adult Literacy Program for the difference they and these programs have made in their lives over the last few years.

“It was my conception to do that for them in 2016 for the impact their work do for us here in Jolivert and in Haiti specially,” wrote Blaud Mondesir, Haiti MOL Director

“We all feel that Dr. Asa, Jean and Ms. Nancy have made a difference in our lives, so we want to say ‘thank you’ and let them know we love them.”

Music was provided by Solid, “Soldiers of Christ”

Message of Honor was given by Pastor John Robert

Thankful for Your Support

As we enter this week of Thanksgiving, the Directors and Staff of Missions of Love would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful we are for YOU ~ our supporters.

Without your support, programs such as the Literacy Program would not be possible.

Jackson training new teachers for the 2015-2016 adult Literacy classes.

Jackson training new teachers for the 2015-2016 adult Literacy classes.

October 5, 2015 saw the start of Adult Literacy classes in 12 new locations in Northwest Haiti. It is anticipated that each class will have 25 students. Primers and workbooks in Kreyol were given to each teacher so that each student could have their own copy. The primers and workbooks are now available in Haiti through the Haiti Bible League. Previously, there was no workbook and the program had to have the primers printed each year.  These adults will be learning to read in a Biblically based literacy program.  There’s no greater gift than to be able to read the Word for yourself!!  That is definitely something to be thankful for!

Jackson 2

Creole Bibles for Graduates

The 12 Adult Literacy classes for the 2014-15 school year finished Sept. 30th. From these classes we have 258 adults that completed the course and received their Kreyol Bibles.

Creole Bibles

The Bibles arriving at Missions of Love in Jolivert.

What a blessing to teach the illiterate to read by using Christ-centered primers and the Holy Bible.  The classes meet five days a week for two hours; at the end of ten months the students should be able to read on a fifth grade level.

“The joy to me is that people will be set free from the bondage of illiteracy to be able to read the Bible for themselves and grow in their faith.”

Nancy Bukovnik

Read more about the Literacy Program at this link.

Tonya’s New House

Thank you to Nancy Bukovnik and her group of friends from Ohio!!  Tonya and her family have a house to call their own.  Tonya has been blind for many years and it’s difficult for her to find work.  Her husband Neville does yard work for the mission.

Her original house leaked and was starting to fall over.  Tonya was frequently sick and it was believed that was in part due to the mold and mildew from the leaking roof.

The family did not have adequate shelter until Nancy and her group of friends stepped forward and help sponsor this new home.  What a blessing for this family!!

Tonya new house 3Tonya new house 1



Tonya’s original house. The roof leaked, it was full of mold and mildew, and it was getting ready to just fall over.


Adult Literacy Program Update Dec. 2014

MOL’s Adult Literacy Program is headed up by our dear Ms Nancy Bukovnik, who is a retired nurse . God has given her a deep love for the Haitian people, and in return they love her also.  God has used Nancy to do a mighty work in Jolivert and surrounding mountain areas.

Nancy Bukovnik Literacy Class Report

Jackson and Blaud have reported that 12 adult literacy classes began in September.  These classes are scattered throughout the northwest of Haiti, using teachers who live in the villages.  As people learn to read and write in Haitian Kreyol, they are also taught about the Lord Jesus.  At the end of the year of study, each student will receive a Kreyol Bible. 2014 marks the 8th year of this outreach.

Five additional literacy classes have recently begun in Gonaives under the supervision of Pr. Juanito Genada.

It is a privilege to be involved with Sharing the Gospel in Haiti.

Nancy B.,   MOL director


This is one of the literacy classes. Some of the lady’s here were fitted with glasses from Dr. Asa’s Eye Clinic free of charge, so they would be able to see to read.

Being able to read and write is a great blessing to those who were never given the opportunity of education. Many wanted to take the class so they could read their Bible. If you would like to donate Bibles for the literacy classes, they are $8.00 each. We will also inscribe a message to the graduate if you like.

A Precious Moment


We made a housecall on Mdm. Gessner.  She’d had a stroke and our goal was to check her blood pressure.  When we arrived she was sitting in her wheelchair with a well-worn Bible on her lap.  I realized that she had been a graduate of the first literacy class begun at MOL in 2007 and had received a Creole Bible.

The man in the photo is a physical therapist who was able to teach her and her family exercises  and he fitted her with a walker.  God provided abundantly!

A few days after this photo was taken, Mdm. Gessner was walking down the mountain with a cane.  Several folks have called it nothing short of a true miracle!!!

~ Nancy Bukovnik

Nancy’s Report – A Stomach Bug Blessing

The first 10 days of my time in Haiti were spent in Gonaives.  On a previous trip, I had visited a mission in Gonaives that was run by Pastor Juanito and Rose Genada;  I was knitting as we spoke together and Rose asked if I could teach their deaf school students to knit and crochet.   Since yarn and crochet hooks and knitting needles were not available in the local market, I was able to do little teaching at that time.

This time I came prepared with supplies and had a wonderful week working with the students; they observe and then copy what they see.  They were very creative!

I had planned to go to Jolivert after that week but an intestinal “bug” kept me from traveling.  While in Gonaives, Pr. Genada asked if he could start an adult literacy program.  I provided him with a copy of each of the two primers we use, and he began two classes – one at his church and one in Roboto, a nearby area that is extremely poor and highly voodoo.  The primers are Christ –centered and as someone learns to read, they are also introduced to Jesus.

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Update from Nancy in Haiti

Triplets are now in the US in VA. I slept for 2 days after they left and then visited some other ministries in Port au Prince – met wonderful people with beautiful hearts sharing the love of Jesus with the poorest of the poor and the helpless. St Joseph Home for street boys; Mother Theresa’s Home for sick children – over 100 little ones being treated for malnutrition; Wings of Hope – a home for children with disabilities – a place of much love and laughter.

I am now at Missions of Love in Jolivert – far out in the northwest mountains – no more city noise which does not stop day and night. Here the stars are visible in great number. I learned how to wash clothes Haitian style – by hand. My instructor was tough. Scrub each piece with lye soap for 5 minutes, rinse, scrub again for 5 minutes, rinse then hang on the cactus hedge to dry. She even tackled stains that had not come out with the washer. She was relentless. Think I’ll consider wearing my clothes for several days at a time………

Thank you for the encouraging notes that many of you have sent. Your prayers are appreciated. I want only to do as God leads and stay focused – the needs are so many. Yesterday I sat in on one of the adult literacy classes. They did a study on Ps. 23. While I could understand very little, I was encouraged by how well they could read the text and by the participation of the various women. We decided to do a Bible study again next Thurs. Maybe I’ll understand a few more words by then. But we hug and laugh and pray together. More later.

Love, Nancy B