November 2015 Team Report

Our apologies that this report was misplaced and not posted in a timely manner.

From October 29 thru November 8, Pat Duarte-retired director and treasurer of MOL- led a conference team to Jolivert.  Pat was accompanied by MOL director Dale Breedlove. The team was from Bethesda Ministries International of Evansville, IN.

November Team

November Team

Bishop Darrell Cook, who has made several trips to the Jolivert area, was pleased to have his wife, Pastor Tanya Cook, with him on her first visit there.  Sister Brenda Lewis had dreamed and prayed of a mission trip as a girl and thanks the Lord that Haiti was an answer several decades later.  As a young wife and mother, Sister Kori Hinton, was thankful for the opportunity to serve Jesus beyond the familiar area of Evansville.

Sunday, Nov. 1st, was a special Ordination Service at the church at Limit pastored by Jean Robert. Several active believers from the surrounding area, who had completed months of training, were given their charges as pastors, evangelists, or deacons. At sunset before the evening service, four new believers were baptized in the river.

The women conducted a women’s conference on Monday afternoon, giving their testimonies and Pastor Tanya bringing the main message- A Call for the Willing Woman. Bishop Darrell led a men’s conference on Tuesday afternoon on the Power of God to Bring Us to His Perfection and Unity.   A combined men and women’s conference was held on Wednesday reinforcing the previous themes. Thursday evening several gathered for a revival meeting.

During the afternoons, Sister Kori and translator Henry ministered to the children who gathered on the hill outside the conference center after school.  Several other opportunities to gather, teach, and fellowship occurred throughout the week.

The gospel spreads across Haiti
By the power of God Almighty
The Word is preached throughout the land
We are thankful to be a part- our small band
Kori, Tanya, Darrell
Brenda, Pat and Dale
Some taught Jesus to the youngster
Others had teachings for those oldster
From Evansville, Hartford and Pittsboro
We praise the Creator along with rooster, dog and burro
Let each one raise their voice
To the Lord of Lords who gives us choice
To know Him and His Son for eternal life
Or continue in our sin and strife
Haitian, American or other alien
We can all be forgiven

Dale Breedlove

Triplets are 13 months old!

One of the first things that I, with Christophe, Dr. Louissaint and Dr. Joe did on our recent trip to Haiti was to visit this family that MOL has been supporting. This family was brought to our attention by our Outreach Clinic workers.


 Living in a very poor, rural area of Beard, this family had 10 children and then the mother gave birth to triplets! The father was injured and could not work and could not feed his family. The children were not in good health. Medical treatment was immediately given and is ongoing.


Thanks to Reflection of Christ (ROC) life group, we have been able to commit to 2 years of support for the triplets. In these pictures the triplets are 13 months old. We have fed them, gave medical care and now on this day we were able to introduce them to a Living God, the one who made it possible for their children to have food.

The father told us of the god he served and all the sacrifices (food, chickens, goats or anything that will bring in money) that he had to give that god. In return this god might give him a number to play the lottery. The four of us began to witness to him and his family about Jesus Christ and how he was the sacrifice for all man kind.


We prayed with all the family including the grandparents and uncles. Around 20 people live in 2 small mud huts. The babies are covered in mud and the other children do not have clothes. As we were leaving the man said to us that he wanted to learn more about our God, and would like to go to church on Sunday. Christophe contacted a pastor in the area and I talked to Soldat (Disciples of Christ) who will visit them and find some clothes and shoes for them.


Much is still needed for this family. MOL can help by sending Haitian workers, but without the help of our supporters we cannot. Donations are needed for Evangelism. We have Haitian teams that are able to get into the mountains in places where Americans cannot go. They will spread the gospel, give Bibles, health care, clothing, and build churches. All this takes money to send these evangelist and pastors out to tell the good news. If you would like to help with our Evangelism Program, please contact me or send a donation to:

Missions of Love
P.O. Box 292
Hartford, KY 42347
270 779-4033

Pat Duarte


Pastor/Leadership Conference and Secret Pavilion Women’s Conference Jan. 7-17 2013 by Patricia Duarte

What a wonderful way to start a new year with visiting our friends in Haiti. 2013 is is off to a great start, our team of seven missionaries were off and running as we arrived in Port Au Prince. Christophe was waiting for us at the air port as well as our Bus. We arrived in Jolivert 5 hours later, tired and ready for bed. Blaud had our sleeping quarters ready with candle light, since the generator was not working. It was really quite cozy.

The next morning we were greeted by our friends at the compound. The weather was around 80 degree and perfect. Our team consist of: Bishop Darrell Cook of Evansville, IN, Evangelist Johnnie Blount of Wilson, NC, Pastor Willie Wright of Memphis, TN, Donnis Blount, Wilson, TN, Kem Lutz, Wilson, NC, Barbie Porter, Beaver Dam , KY (Secret Pavilion Director) and myself, Patricia Duarte, Hartford, KY (MOL Director).

The 2 day Pastor/leadership conference was a great success with more than 110 attending. The Secret Pavilion Women’s Conference had 135 women in attendance. The women of the churches cooked for the pastor/leadership conference along with Ms Carlene and Ms Mona, the food was excellent. For the Women’s Conference the Americans cooked the food ( I really should that our Chef was Pastor Darrell who did all the cooking). A virus brought in with group made its rounds with our team (except me), I don’t know what we would have done without Pastors Darrell’s help. There were 135 women in attendance. The theme was the Fragrance of Christ and the conference room was decorated with pink bowls, pink napkins and white table clothes, beautiful hats and scarfs (which were given away).

Our second night the Soladat ministry gave us a party, what a time we had with singing and praising God. The church was decorated by the youth with hanging flowers. What a wonderful welcome it was. Our American Pastors were kept busy praying and encouraging the people. The also helped with some of the work on the church building project at Pastor Jean Roberts church.

Here’s a short Video of Pastor Darrell preaching!

I want to thank every one who helped me buy Bibles for the conference, I was able to purchase 60 Bibles and much more needed. My goal next year is to have 300 Bibles, enough for each conference. I can get these Bibles for $5.00 each. If you would like to help with this ministry please send to Missions of Love and note your donation BIBLE $5.25 if you use Pay Pal. We also gave out 200 Bible study work books. Some pictures from our trip has been posted on Facebook Missions of Love page. The sickness didn’t stop what our group was sent to do and neither did the Voodoo drums that played all night and all morning each day…God Word still went forth.

January 2012 Mission Trip Report

January 2012 Pastor’s Conference, Secret Pavilion Conference & Medical & Youth Outreach

With a year of planning, fasting , praying and fund raising the first Mission Trip of 2012 was off and running. Barbie Porter and I met the first part of our group at the Evansville IN airport. Pastor Darrel Cook and Matthew Peech were not new to Mission Trips to Haiti so the four of us greeted our newbie’s Justin Bickett, Kathy Tapp and Natalie Spencer. All went well except Pastor Darrell’s deodorant stick didn’t make it on board. We met up with the rest of our group in Miami at the Airways Inn, not fancy but good and inexpensive for a over night stay and our last hot shower for 10 days. The rest of our group was arriving from different states, and different times, finally we met up with everyone at the McDonalds next to the hotel. Dr. Johnnie Blount, and Kim Lutz from N.C. , Dean Abner from TN aka (Rockport KY) Pastor Willy Wright from TN, Kayla Kennada from IN. After food and introductions it was time to get some sleep for 4:00 am comes early. Port Au Prince air port confusion never changes, and it was time to meet up with the last person in our group. Mission of Love Haitian Director and medical student Louissaint Louis XIV (Dr. Louissaint). Louissaint met outside the airport gates and took us to the bus that was to take us to Jolivert. We finally starting leaving PAP around 10:30 am. This was my first time traveling from PAP to Jolivert by ground. It is a very beautiful drive, most of it right along the coast, till you start up the mountains. We stopped in Saint Marks and had lunch at a food court. Our group of newbie’s was loving every minute of the trip, getting to see the Haitian culture as they traveled. The first 3 hours was nice traveling on paved Hwy. then it ends the next 3 hrs. was ruts, ditches, mud, and rivers with stops to let cows pass and of course to buy watermelons. Watermelons and chicken was a high priority on our list. I could already tell this was a fearless group with doctors, nurses, pastors, evangelist, ministers and a agricultural student. So as the mini bus bumped along to the sounds of Haitians tunes and chatter and laughter we arrived in Jolivert around 5:30 p.m. to a nice meal prepared by Carlene and Mona . Then assigning beds , preparing nets, unpacking, explaining the drinking water and their first cold shower.
Tuesday morning after breakfast and devotions Christophe gave a tour of the compound and explained all the different ministries and outreaches. At the clinic we stopped and prayed for several people. One small boy with his father holding was in lot of pain his little face swelled and eye almost shut, I think something had bitten him. Their were many elderly and children waiting to see the doctor.
Dr. Louissaint was already putting his skills to work. Our nurses Matt and Justin jump right in by starting the medical outreach at the first outreach clinic.
Our morning was taken up with visiting the clinic , the eye clinic, the safe water program and the Manba program and then meeting people and seeing old friends. Our lunch was very good with lots of chicken , watermelon and fried plantains. We finished the day with a revival at Pastor Jean Robert’s Church. Which had started on that Sunday and would go on all the time we were there. A packed house each night with lot of music, dancing and praising God.
The pastors conference started promptly the next morning. Haitian pastors and leaders from many mountain communities arrived on foot, donkeys, horses or motor bikes, and the MOL conference was a packed house. Our American pastors were well received and the teaching grew better each day, with many questions from the Haitian pastors. Our agricultural student (Dean Abner) opened up the first day asking the leaders of the communities about their farming practices and offered his services on plants and soil. After that he visited the farms and we received fresh coconuts and papayas for his efforts. The third day of our trip we left Pastors Darrell, Willy & Johnnie to hold down the fort at the pastors conference as the rest of us took of up the mountain with Christophe and Widson in the army truck. Barbie Porter held the Secret Pavilion conference for the lady’s at Morotier, Dean held a children’s and youth day. Kem, Kayla, Kathy Ms Carmel and myself helped Barbie with the conference.This was the first time I had visited the new church in a couple of years , the first time I was there it was just a thatched hut. Matt and Justin went father up the mountain to do a outreach clinic.
The rest of our days was filled with revivals and prayer walks, meeting new friends and of course fun time in the river. We visited with one of our Grandmas with orphaned children and found instead of the 4 children that she now has five more children to support. The gardens were starting to grow, but it was very dry and food is still in short supply as always in Haiti.
As the School Bus pull in the compound at 3:00 am on our last day, hugs and goodbyes were said and we started our long journey to the Port A Prince air port we all promised that this special group of Missionaries would be back in Jolivert in Jan. 2013.
As for me, I am always ready to visit my friends in Haiti and to do what God is calling me to go.
Pat Duarte

Mountain Weddings

My January 2012 trip to Haiti if I can say one word (awesome) may sum it up. The weather was beautiful; I even slept under a blanket at night. One the 19th of January Barbie Porter and myself took off up the mountain to Marotier for a Secret Pavilion Lady’s Conference with the Army Truck loaded with five other ladies from the team , Pastor Julian, Christophe and Widson. Along with us was Dean Abner and interpreter Jean Dort who went to do a VBS for the Children.

To our great surprise when we arrived at Marotier we found them preparing for not one but three weddings that same day. As most of you know, we have over the last year collected wedding dresses and wedding clothes for upcoming weddings in the mountains of Haiti. We had been told that there were over 50 couples that needed to be married, that had been saved and wanted to join the church. Weddings in Haiti are a big event and like here in the US, very costly. The gowns arrived in December and many weddings had already taken place.

Imagine sharing the most important event of your lives in a beautiful, romantic mountain setting. I was much honored to be able to see these beautiful brides and to be able to minister to them on that special day. What a beautiful backdrop the mountains of Haiti for these Brides a day they will never forget. Continue reading