Bridging the Gap & Dr. Johnnie Blout in Jolivert

In May 2018, Dr. Johnnie Blount of Bridging the Gap brought a mission team of 8 to the Missions of Love Compound. As always, we had a very exciting and productive time. We spent three mornings with about 150 Pastor’s and Leaders from the area churches worshipping, teaching the Word of God and providing personal ministry. We always provide them with pens and notepads and at the end of the conference we give the men a necktie and the women took a necktie home for their husbands. It is always a blessing to spend time with them.

We also held a three day VBS for the Children. This is also exciting. There were 450 children in attendance. We used puppets to teach them about hygiene, keeping MOL grounds clean and the Word of God. We also played games and did crafts with them. At the end of the third day, be made sure that all the children went home with a gift bag. The time that we spend with these children is priceless.

We held a two-day Women’s Conference for the women in the area. We spent time with about 100 women worshipping, dance and teaching them about who they are in Christ. The most important part of this conference is being able to love on these women. At the end of the conference, we gave all the women a bracelet and a scarf. They are all so precious.

This year at the request of one of our young Haitian men, we held a three-day conference for the young people. This was the first time doing this. If was a wonderful time. There were 100 young people in attendance. We taught them that they do not have to be afraid of their future and then we had a question and answer session. We gave a bracelet that says “MWEN PA PE POU AVNI MWEN!” which says, “I AM NOT AFRAID OF MY FUTURE!”. These young people requested that we continue to have this conference.
One of the greatest things that we do during these conferences is we get the opportunity to serve and feed them every day. We feed them natural food and spiritual food.
John 21:17…….. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.

On this trip, we participated in a revival in one of the local churches where Pastor Johnnie Blunt and Pastors Bobby and Kim Watkins preached. Also, on Sunday morning the mission team split up and went to three of the area churches to preach.

The BTG Mission Team would like to thank MOL, Blaud Mondesir and Mrs. Nancy Bukovnik for the way they always take great care of us while we are in Haiti.

2016 Year In Review – Thank You for Your Support

MEDICAL CLINIC This year, Clinic Jolivert continued its role as a major health center directed by a Haitian physician and fully-staffed with Haitian health personnel.  The Clinic was able to provide quality healthcare and education, government-provided immunizations for children, free chloroquine and mosquito nets (provided by MALARIA FINI) to all malaria sufferers, as well as provide HIV testing, education and consultation. Because of our in-house lab, we were able to provide pregnancy tests, complete blood counts, blood sugars and urinalysis. Likewise, Clinic Jolivert was able to dispense prescriptions from our government-approved pharmacy.

GO PROGRAM This year the GO program, an orphanage alternative ministry, supported eight grandmothers who are raising and caring for their orphaned grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other youth in their family, as well as one pastor in the program who cares for orphans in his home, and one family with toddler triplets as well as three other children.

SAFE WATER for FAMILIES Gadyen Dlo, our Safe Water for Families program, is installed in over 25,000 homes in our immediate area and now in countless thousands of homes throughout Haiti since the Haitian Ministry of Health has adopted our methods and are encouraging them throughout the country and thus contributing to healthier lifestyles.

ADULT LITERACY 258 Creole Bible were awarded to students who completed the Adult Literacy Course 2015-2016 under the direction of Jackson in the Jolivert area. On Sept. 29, 2016, Jackson trained 12 new teachers for the 2016-2017 session. In Gonaives there are currently 17 Adult Literacy Classes, varying in size from 4 -12 students, under the supervision of Pastor Juanito Genada. 110 Creole Bibles have been awarded to graduates of the Adult Literacy Course in this area for 2015·2016.

This year, Nancy Bukovnik, founder of the MOL Adult Literacy Program was privileged to present a Creole Bible to an 85-year-old graduating student in Gonaives!

EYE and EAR CLINIC ln 2016 the Eye Clinic saw 2,345 patients of whom 356 were found to have cataracts, 1,098 glaucoma, 1,748 had either infection or allergy/irritation/dryness and 127 were referred for more definitive care. In October alone, thanks to Dr. Mick Vanden Bosch, 994 patients were seen and seven received cataract surgery at MOL and one had a pterygium removed from her eye.

MANBA for MALNUTRITION The Manba program is a six to eight-week nutritional program dedicated to children one to five-years old who suffer from moderate to severe malnutrition. Nutritional education, medical care plus a Gayden Dlo bucket and clean water education are included. This ministry employs one worker and purchases peanuts from local farmers to produce a fortified peanut butter paste. This year 14 children graduated the program and 10 more are currently enrolled. The estimated cost to treat a child for malnutrition is approximately $99.

MEDICAL SUPPLIES for CHRIST In 2016, through the wonderful partnerships of TECH, Midmark Corp., Supplies Over Seas (S.O.S.) and individuals like Dr. Mary Gebhardt, Dr. Ann Ayre, Dr. Joe Geico and Kentucky Mountain Mission, costly and crucially needed laboratory, medical and dental equipment and supplies have been provided.
DENTAL CLINIC “The new kid on the block” in Jolivert is growing strong! With the blessed partnership of respected Haitian MSPP Dentist, Dr. Scott Rousseau, who worked alongside our American Dentist Dr. Mary Gebhardt and the rest or the dental team this Spring and headed up our very first all-Haitian dental team this Fall, we were able to provide dental care to 302 patients! Will you please help us pray that 2017 will open the door to full-time dental care at our clinic?

EMERGENCY/DISASTER RELIEF In October, $5,000 came from the U.S. to assist victims of Hurricane Matthew. This benevolence provided: $3,000 for 7,680 families to receive Gadyen Dlo safe water treatment: S 1,500 for 276 patients to receive medical care at the Jolivert Clinic, including consultations, lab tests and medicines: $500 for Bush Clinics where 560 patients were given medical attention in various affected villages.

PLANTING NEW CHURCHES Beyond practicing faith within the confines or the practical, medical. and humanitarian efforts, initiating Pastors’ and Women’s Conferences, MOL walked alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters this year via support of local church programs and the evangelical group Solidat who has helped to lead many to Christ Jesus as well as recently opened a church and a school in Belair and a church in Drijon.

OUTREACH CLINICS MOL outreach teams visited remote rural villages continuing education of community health care workers, diagnosing and treating common life-threatening illnesses (i.e. dehydration, malnutrition, malaria and parasites) as well as provided safe water for families – touching the lives of hundreds this year.

A Mutual Gospel by Dale Breedlove

May  2016 Evangelism Team lead by MOL Evangelism Director, Dale Breedlove

May 2016 Evangelism Team lead by MOL Evangelism Director, Dale Breedlove

When Missions of Love organized in 1991, the churches of the northwest mountains of Haiti were mostly small in size with the largest at LaHatte. Several congregations, of a dozen or two souls, were meeting in simple pole and leaf mat shelters. The presence of Americans was a novelty that would draw a curious crowd and the message was basic gospel of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.

Some further instruction and encouragement would be given when the assemblies were mostly the established believers. Home visits, whether the initial reason was medical, food or shelter aid or other, have always been an opportunity to witness Jesus and encourage faith and conduct. The proclamation of the gospel and prayer for healing has been a part of the clinics from the beginning.

As people believed in Jesus and were pastored by local men like the late Emmanuel Milhomme, Julian Loute, Jean Robert Lewis and several others, the churches grew. Today, several congregations are blessed with solid concrete buildings to meet in. Julien Luthe and men he has discipled, including the young men’s evangelism group, Solidat, has taken the gospel further and higher into the mountains. With one of these to guide, along with an interpreter, several of us have been privileged to visit and witness in some of the more remote locations like the church at BelAir.

The faith and enthusiasm of our Haitian brothers and sisters have always impressed us Americans, and has been a source of refreshing and spurring on of faith in action to many. The Haitian Believers hunger for more meat (of The Word) has led to several conferences and teaching sessions over the years. The most recent American-led conference was in early May. Pastors Johnnie Blount and Willie Wright of Bridge the Gap ministries taught for three days to pastors and leadership men and women on “Your Blessings Are In Your Mouth,” lessons about having the faith to proclaim all the blessings we have been given that pertain to life and godliness and living in that expectation.

The five women of Bridge The Gap Ministries, Kayla Kenneda, Karla Rowland, Kim Watkins, Carolyn Jones and Valerie Kayanja presented teaching to the leading women from surrounding churches on a Sunday afternoon. The ladies also conducted two after-school sessions for children on being a special people for God, a Royal Priesthood (crowns included) assisted by Andrew Ramlal, who was on his first trip to Haiti.

All were strengthened in The Word and in worship with our Haitian fellow believers. In so many ways we are all sharing a mutual gospel to one another.

Evangelism and Education…Hand-in-hand

Although often cloaked in deeds and services such as providing beans and rice to the hungry, mamba to the malnourished, literacy to the illiterate, safe water to those inhabiting a land filled with contamination, or veiled within the provisions of much needed medical, dental, and eye care, evangelism is alive and well on the campus of Missions Of Love.

But, beyond practicing faith within the confines of the practical, medical, and humanitarian world, Missions Of Love has also been faithfully partnering with our Haitian brothers and sisters since making its home in Jolivert.

Sometimes, this journey beside our Haitian counterparts has been through the sharing of The Word, sometimes its taken on the form of lending much-needed support to assist the Haitian churches with construction needs, radio broadcasts or even revivals.
But, there’s more good news… Just as iron sharpens iron, (Proverbs 27:17) The Church sharpens the community.

In Haiti, the role of the church goes beyond Sunday morning worship services. Haitian churches are one of the primary forms of social infrastructure. The building itself is typically used as a community center and/or a shelter and often becomes a school run by missionaries or church leaders, thereby impacting the community as whole.

Marotier Before

Marotier Before

Marotier After

Marotier After

Looking back to when MOL first began, Miz Betty shared the heart of the Mission: “When Missions Of Love first began in Jolivert, Haiti government schools with affordable education wasn’t available in that area. So, we made it our goal to help educate local people so they could find employment and eventually one day help take care of, work for and operate the Mission.”

Thus the MOL journey of sponsoring Haitian students had begun. Soon, through the sponsorship of MOL supporters, area students were being sent to mission-supported primary schools, government higher education schools and even professional schools.
It was during those early days that Dr. Bob and Miz Betty realized that evangelism and education go hand-in-hand. “One of the best places to do evangelism to make a permanent change is in the school and with the kids,” Miz Betty stated. “As the children are being taught in the Christian schools everyday, they also have prayer and learn Bible verses, so they are not only being taught life skills, they are also being set free from the bondage of practices of Voodoo.”

Since making that decision to invest in the education of the young people nearly 25 years ago, the Jolivert area has reaped the benefits of a community which now employs teachers, preachers, businessmen and women, lab techs, nurses and doctors.
Continuing in the quest of uniting evangelism and education, a faith-filled, spirit lead, devoted team of 12 Haitian men known as Solidat (Soldiers for Christ) are the feet-on-the-ground team who have been carrying the gospel message by song, Word and deed into the mountainous regions surrounding the Jolivert area.

As a result, Solidat has helped to lead many to Christ Jesus and have been faithful to provide follow up discipleship that often includes the pooling together of their own resources to provide food, clothing, and shelter to the very poorest of the poor.
Their continued acts of love have fostered the planting of two churches; the first in Belair, where they have also opened a school, and the most recent in Drijon. Both villages are found in the high mountain areas where even most Haitians do not dare to go.

When asked why they would give so much of themselves and their resources to not only plant a church, but to also take on the challenge of starting a school for the children, Solidat member, Wesner Marcelus, one of the teachers at Belair who gets up at 5a.m. every morning and travels three hours by foot to teach every day, quickly responded, “I teach with all my heart so one day a student can be a doctor, or a teacher, or a pastor… So, one day the kids can replace us and do the work we do when they get older.”
Evangelism and Education: Investing in others. Investing in the future. Investing in the Kingdom.

May team is on the ground and on the radio!

May team

The May Mission Group, lead by Dale Breedlove, has safely arrived in Jolivert.  They’ve been holding conferences and spreading the Good News.

Pastor Willie

Pastor Willie was able to speak on the Radio during his talk on faith.  Pastor Jean Robert has a local radio station, Holy Ghost Radio, and they can now do remote broadcasts!!

Radio Broadcast



The November Evangelical Team Hard At Work

This is the schedule for the November Evangelical Team.  Please keep them covered in prayer for their ministries.

Dale Breedlove speaking at the Men’s Conference in Jolivert.

Bishop Darrell Cook at the Men's Conference.

Bishop Darrell Cook at the Men’s Conference.

Bethesda Ministries International Inc. is holding Crusade Conference and Revival in Jolivert, Haiti at the Missions of Love Inc. Jolivert Clinic Conference Center
November 1st to 6th, 2015.

November 1st Sunday Morning Service
Special Ordination Services at Bethesda Ministries Haiti
Bishop Darrell Cook-Pastor Jean Robert

Monday 2nd  Women’s Conference 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Pastor Tanya Cook
“A Call for the Wailing Woman”

Tuesday 3rd  Men’s Conference 1:00 to 4:00 Pm

Wednesday 4th  Men and Women’s Conference 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Thursday 5th  Revival at Conference Center 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Friday 6th  Revival at Conference Center 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Ministry Team: Sister Patricia Duarte, MOL Director Dale Breedlove, Sister Brenda Lewis, Sister Juanita Bushrod, Sister Elizabeth Hinton

Men's Conference

Men’s Conference

New Church in Bairry is Growing

This church in Bairry is a great example of the tremendous work that Pastor Jean Robert and his congregation have done in Haiti.  They are out in the community seeking those who are lost from Jesus.  They reach out to communities that are surrounded with voodoo and drive satan out!

Where there was no church before now stands a church that consists of 82 Christians – 34 members and 48 believers.


Thank you to Guerby Odin for providing us with photos and video of the church!

March 8th a Festival was celebrated to give God the Glory and Honor for the Church of Bairry.


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New Church Plants


Pastor Julian

Pastor Julian Loute is planing a revival /conference this April. In the last 25 years this man as started and mentored many churches in the remote mountains of Haiti.
Thousands of people has turned away from Voodoo and taken on Christ as their savior.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved” Mark 16:15


This is the mission of this great man of God. In today’s world, even in Haiti, the cost is great for the travel and food for these wonderful outreaches. If you would like to support our Evangelism teams by pay pal click the button below.worship

Checks payable to Missions of Love can be mailed to PO Box 292 Hartford, KY 42347. Please note Evangelism on your donation.