Louisiana Mission Trip Follow Up Report


The trip one way was a 14 hour trip. (So worth it!) My van with 7 passengers and a truck with 2 passengers pulling a Uhaul trailer full of food and supplies.  God surely did show his beauty and personal touch in each aspect of this trip.
I could write a book for you about all that HE made happen while there but I will just hit the highlights:)

We went not knowing where we would be sleeping for sure and what our arrangements would be. We arrived and met our wonderful leader Brian ( from OurSaviors Church) who bless his heart had just accepted his position (as operations manager in his church) the Thursday before we arrived. He did an excellent job and his heart truly was apparent to the needs around him. He arranged for our group to stay at OurSaviorsChurch Broussard Campus in their dorms.

Arriving one day later than us was an amazing group from Omaha! The Omaha Rapid Response Team consisted of 3 women and 4 men. God truly blessed us by crossing our paths with this amazing Christian group and we worked alongside them for two days. Our men worked with them in home reconstructing. (Insulation and drywalling) Myself, my three children,(Kostin 10yrs, Kahner 7yrs, and Abby 5yrs) Lori Clark, and Malaina Hickey, all from Reflections of Christ church and Jan Peach from Ohio County also worked out of a supply warehouse unloading supply trucks and boxing up food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

img_3083One of our tasks was to deliver these boxes to homes in need. That was amazing, I mean guys being the hands and feet of Jesus gets no better than this! We were led to a very physically poor neighborhood (Duke Street) that every house had been affected by the flood. This is a neighborhood that had not yet been touched by FEMA or any other volunteer outreach. We delivered boxes of supplies to several of the houses and were able to pray as a group with one lady and one gentleman.

We later returned to Brian, our fearless leader, and told him of the neighborhood and he handed us gift cards to Home Depot, Walmart, and McDonalds! We went back to Duke Street and we able to bless them once again. They were so appreciative of all that was given. The lady we prayed with showed her appreciation by the tears that ran down her face. Praise God that HE was there with us and that they felt his love in that very moment!

As a parent, seeing the hearts of your children being consumed with serving others is a blessing that triumphs no other. God showed up on this mission in so many ways but one huge way was the giving hearts that shared financially to make this trip possible. I want to personally thank you for being obedient and being such joyful givers. Our Missions of Love donors donated a total of $1350.00 towards this Louisiana mission trip!! I have included a few pictures of my family purchasing supplies at Lowes with that money before leaving for LA! Also a few pics while in Louisiana. Praise be to our Lord for the love that HE is providing for our friends in Louisiana!!

~ Meghann Phelps, MOL Director

A Mutual Gospel by Dale Breedlove

May  2016 Evangelism Team lead by MOL Evangelism Director, Dale Breedlove

May 2016 Evangelism Team lead by MOL Evangelism Director, Dale Breedlove

When Missions of Love organized in 1991, the churches of the northwest mountains of Haiti were mostly small in size with the largest at LaHatte. Several congregations, of a dozen or two souls, were meeting in simple pole and leaf mat shelters. The presence of Americans was a novelty that would draw a curious crowd and the message was basic gospel of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.

Some further instruction and encouragement would be given when the assemblies were mostly the established believers. Home visits, whether the initial reason was medical, food or shelter aid or other, have always been an opportunity to witness Jesus and encourage faith and conduct. The proclamation of the gospel and prayer for healing has been a part of the clinics from the beginning.

As people believed in Jesus and were pastored by local men like the late Emmanuel Milhomme, Julian Loute, Jean Robert Lewis and several others, the churches grew. Today, several congregations are blessed with solid concrete buildings to meet in. Julien Luthe and men he has discipled, including the young men’s evangelism group, Solidat, has taken the gospel further and higher into the mountains. With one of these to guide, along with an interpreter, several of us have been privileged to visit and witness in some of the more remote locations like the church at BelAir.

The faith and enthusiasm of our Haitian brothers and sisters have always impressed us Americans, and has been a source of refreshing and spurring on of faith in action to many. The Haitian Believers hunger for more meat (of The Word) has led to several conferences and teaching sessions over the years. The most recent American-led conference was in early May. Pastors Johnnie Blount and Willie Wright of Bridge the Gap ministries taught for three days to pastors and leadership men and women on “Your Blessings Are In Your Mouth,” lessons about having the faith to proclaim all the blessings we have been given that pertain to life and godliness and living in that expectation.

The five women of Bridge The Gap Ministries, Kayla Kenneda, Karla Rowland, Kim Watkins, Carolyn Jones and Valerie Kayanja presented teaching to the leading women from surrounding churches on a Sunday afternoon. The ladies also conducted two after-school sessions for children on being a special people for God, a Royal Priesthood (crowns included) assisted by Andrew Ramlal, who was on his first trip to Haiti.

All were strengthened in The Word and in worship with our Haitian fellow believers. In so many ways we are all sharing a mutual gospel to one another.

Appreciation Dinner in Jolivert

Ap Dinner Dr Asa speaking

Merci,”or “thank you,” were the spoken words of the heart at the Missions Of Love Jolivert, Haiti Conference Center on February 19, 2016 as several Haitian staff members, pastors and friends of the Mission gathered to express gratitude to Dr. Asa and Jean Talbot, Founders of the MOL Eye & Ear Clinic and Nancy Bukovnik, Founder of the MOL Adult Literacy Program for the difference they and these programs have made in their lives over the last few years.

“It was my conception to do that for them in 2016 for the impact their work do for us here in Jolivert and in Haiti specially,” wrote Blaud Mondesir, Haiti MOL Director

“We all feel that Dr. Asa, Jean and Ms. Nancy have made a difference in our lives, so we want to say ‘thank you’ and let them know we love them.”

Music was provided by Solid, “Soldiers of Christ”

Message of Honor was given by Pastor John Robert

Visit to Marrotier during June Trip

IMG_4130During our recent trip, our group was able to take a day and travel to Marrotier to visit the school we support.  It was quite an adventure!  We rode two hours, one-way in the back of the army truck!


IMG_4311 After arriving, Meghann, Angie, Kostin, Sephora, and Brianna held a VBS for the students.  Tiffanie and Pat, along with Christophe, met with the teachers and principals of the school to see how things were going.  I am happy to report that the school is doing very well.

They now have eight teachers, two of which are the principal and assistant principal and 140 students.  The school ranges from pre-k to 6th grade.  Over 88% of students pass and move on to the next grade and 100% of 6th graders who took the national exam passed and moved on to secondary school.  The school is not only giving these Haitian children a good education, but also instilling the Word of God into their lives.

IMG_4905During our visit with the teachers, we learned that most students do not have materials such as books, paper, and pencils for school and many of the children come to school hungry.  Though the school is doing well and functioning, there is always room for support to help these teachers more effectively teach the students by helping provide materials and a meal.  It’s always much easier to focus on learning when you are not trying to listen over a growling belly and ignore the feeling of emptiness in your tummy.

You can support these teachers and students by donating to MOL via paypal or by mailing in a check to  Missions of Love   PO Box 292   Hartford, KY  42347

~ Tiffanie.Quisenberry

Triplets are 13 months old!

One of the first things that I, with Christophe, Dr. Louissaint and Dr. Joe did on our recent trip to Haiti was to visit this family that MOL has been supporting. This family was brought to our attention by our Outreach Clinic workers.


 Living in a very poor, rural area of Beard, this family had 10 children and then the mother gave birth to triplets! The father was injured and could not work and could not feed his family. The children were not in good health. Medical treatment was immediately given and is ongoing.


Thanks to Reflection of Christ (ROC) life group, we have been able to commit to 2 years of support for the triplets. In these pictures the triplets are 13 months old. We have fed them, gave medical care and now on this day we were able to introduce them to a Living God, the one who made it possible for their children to have food.

The father told us of the god he served and all the sacrifices (food, chickens, goats or anything that will bring in money) that he had to give that god. In return this god might give him a number to play the lottery. The four of us began to witness to him and his family about Jesus Christ and how he was the sacrifice for all man kind.


We prayed with all the family including the grandparents and uncles. Around 20 people live in 2 small mud huts. The babies are covered in mud and the other children do not have clothes. As we were leaving the man said to us that he wanted to learn more about our God, and would like to go to church on Sunday. Christophe contacted a pastor in the area and I talked to Soldat (Disciples of Christ) who will visit them and find some clothes and shoes for them.


Much is still needed for this family. MOL can help by sending Haitian workers, but without the help of our supporters we cannot. Donations are needed for Evangelism. We have Haitian teams that are able to get into the mountains in places where Americans cannot go. They will spread the gospel, give Bibles, health care, clothing, and build churches. All this takes money to send these evangelist and pastors out to tell the good news. If you would like to help with our Evangelism Program, please contact me or send a donation to:

Missions of Love
P.O. Box 292
Hartford, KY 42347
270 779-4033

Pat Duarte


Mosaic Lexington KY June 2013 Mission Trip

Members of the team: Brandon Embry, Jimmy Carter, Carrie Carter, Susan Davis, Desmond Littles, Alyssa Telang, Phillip Thompson, Ravi Chilukuri.

It’s always difficult to put into words the experience that one has on a trip to Haiti. There are so many ways that God reveals Himself to each and every individual. Most always a short term mission trip is more life changing and life giving for those that go than those that are being served. Our trip was no different. Our Purpose was to be available as God’s servants, His hands and feet, to every Haitian we encountered that week. I pray that seeds were sown and lives were touched in Jolivert as much as Jolivert touched our lives and our hearts.

Each day started with a devotional over coffee and breakfast that Blaud and the ladies so graciously prepared. Susan and Phillip would then go to the hospital where 75 children would receive dental treatment for cavity prevention. A local dentist in Winchester KY kindly donated 300 treatments for us to take with us. These treatments have been shown to reduce dental caries by 55% in the local schools. Continue reading