Bridging the Gap & Dr. Johnnie Blout in Jolivert

In May 2018, Dr. Johnnie Blount of Bridging the Gap brought a mission team of 8 to the Missions of Love Compound. As always, we had a very exciting and productive time. We spent three mornings with about 150 Pastor’s and Leaders from the area churches worshipping, teaching the Word of God and providing personal ministry. We always provide them with pens and notepads and at the end of the conference we give the men a necktie and the women took a necktie home for their husbands. It is always a blessing to spend time with them.

We also held a three day VBS for the Children. This is also exciting. There were 450 children in attendance. We used puppets to teach them about hygiene, keeping MOL grounds clean and the Word of God. We also played games and did crafts with them. At the end of the third day, be made sure that all the children went home with a gift bag. The time that we spend with these children is priceless.

We held a two-day Women’s Conference for the women in the area. We spent time with about 100 women worshipping, dance and teaching them about who they are in Christ. The most important part of this conference is being able to love on these women. At the end of the conference, we gave all the women a bracelet and a scarf. They are all so precious.

This year at the request of one of our young Haitian men, we held a three-day conference for the young people. This was the first time doing this. If was a wonderful time. There were 100 young people in attendance. We taught them that they do not have to be afraid of their future and then we had a question and answer session. We gave a bracelet that says “MWEN PA PE POU AVNI MWEN!” which says, “I AM NOT AFRAID OF MY FUTURE!”. These young people requested that we continue to have this conference.
One of the greatest things that we do during these conferences is we get the opportunity to serve and feed them every day. We feed them natural food and spiritual food.
John 21:17…….. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.

On this trip, we participated in a revival in one of the local churches where Pastor Johnnie Blunt and Pastors Bobby and Kim Watkins preached. Also, on Sunday morning the mission team split up and went to three of the area churches to preach.

The BTG Mission Team would like to thank MOL, Blaud Mondesir and Mrs. Nancy Bukovnik for the way they always take great care of us while we are in Haiti.

Educating Mothers in Jolivert

The first Wednesday of each month, we gather mothers at Clinic Jolivert to teach them basic health, sanitation, nutrition. Also, we weigh the children and give them immunizations.

This program is being conducted by a health provider training by MSPP. This program intends to improve the health of the children in the population and decrease the infantile death by lack of educations. We understand if the mothers know how to take care of the children and how to feed them a balanced food, the children will grow well and have a privilege to have a better life.

One of the goals of MOL is to provide affordable or gratis medical care and public health interventions for the poor and to help relieve the physical suffering of the populace.
So in that matter, we keep trying to see how to keep the mission dream. I know it is not easy and we still have a long way to go, but with the help of the Lord step by step, we will make it.

So, once again I thank everyone who understands it is not easy, but they keep trying along with us. Be strong, it is not our job, but we are calling for it.

Love you all and God bless you.

Evangelism and Education…Hand-in-hand

Although often cloaked in deeds and services such as providing beans and rice to the hungry, mamba to the malnourished, literacy to the illiterate, safe water to those inhabiting a land filled with contamination, or veiled within the provisions of much needed medical, dental, and eye care, evangelism is alive and well on the campus of Missions Of Love.

But, beyond practicing faith within the confines of the practical, medical, and humanitarian world, Missions Of Love has also been faithfully partnering with our Haitian brothers and sisters since making its home in Jolivert.

Sometimes, this journey beside our Haitian counterparts has been through the sharing of The Word, sometimes its taken on the form of lending much-needed support to assist the Haitian churches with construction needs, radio broadcasts or even revivals.
But, there’s more good news… Just as iron sharpens iron, (Proverbs 27:17) The Church sharpens the community.

In Haiti, the role of the church goes beyond Sunday morning worship services. Haitian churches are one of the primary forms of social infrastructure. The building itself is typically used as a community center and/or a shelter and often becomes a school run by missionaries or church leaders, thereby impacting the community as whole.

Marotier Before

Marotier Before

Marotier After

Marotier After

Looking back to when MOL first began, Miz Betty shared the heart of the Mission: “When Missions Of Love first began in Jolivert, Haiti government schools with affordable education wasn’t available in that area. So, we made it our goal to help educate local people so they could find employment and eventually one day help take care of, work for and operate the Mission.”

Thus the MOL journey of sponsoring Haitian students had begun. Soon, through the sponsorship of MOL supporters, area students were being sent to mission-supported primary schools, government higher education schools and even professional schools.
It was during those early days that Dr. Bob and Miz Betty realized that evangelism and education go hand-in-hand. “One of the best places to do evangelism to make a permanent change is in the school and with the kids,” Miz Betty stated. “As the children are being taught in the Christian schools everyday, they also have prayer and learn Bible verses, so they are not only being taught life skills, they are also being set free from the bondage of practices of Voodoo.”

Since making that decision to invest in the education of the young people nearly 25 years ago, the Jolivert area has reaped the benefits of a community which now employs teachers, preachers, businessmen and women, lab techs, nurses and doctors.
Continuing in the quest of uniting evangelism and education, a faith-filled, spirit lead, devoted team of 12 Haitian men known as Solidat (Soldiers for Christ) are the feet-on-the-ground team who have been carrying the gospel message by song, Word and deed into the mountainous regions surrounding the Jolivert area.

As a result, Solidat has helped to lead many to Christ Jesus and have been faithful to provide follow up discipleship that often includes the pooling together of their own resources to provide food, clothing, and shelter to the very poorest of the poor.
Their continued acts of love have fostered the planting of two churches; the first in Belair, where they have also opened a school, and the most recent in Drijon. Both villages are found in the high mountain areas where even most Haitians do not dare to go.

When asked why they would give so much of themselves and their resources to not only plant a church, but to also take on the challenge of starting a school for the children, Solidat member, Wesner Marcelus, one of the teachers at Belair who gets up at 5a.m. every morning and travels three hours by foot to teach every day, quickly responded, “I teach with all my heart so one day a student can be a doctor, or a teacher, or a pastor… So, one day the kids can replace us and do the work we do when they get older.”
Evangelism and Education: Investing in others. Investing in the future. Investing in the Kingdom.

Merry Christmas Letter From Christophe in Jolivert

Dear Directors and Supporters,
In the behalf of all employees at MOL Jolivert,I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope this Christmas season brings you hope,peace,joy and happiness.

At the end of this year,we want to thank you for your efforts and sacrifices you have been made to support our ministries in Jolivert,Haiti. I want to tell you your help touches many and many hopeless people and is really meaningful for them. Praise God,despite of all troubles and difficulties Haiti has been through,our Mighty God is still on our side and enable us and strength us to accomplish our daily and monthly tasks during this year.

This year,about 3000 patients have been treated at clinic Jolivert for different kinds of illness like malaria,Typhoid,intestinal parasites,high blood pressure,skin infections,respiratory diseases and so forth. In the Lab,we have been testing about 700 patients and about 295 among them are positives. Lots of thanks for Malaria Fini who help us to distribute free Chloroquin at jolivert and at the remote mountain and so many people can be relief from Malaria. About 300 patients among the so many testing,has been treated for Typhoid. More than 5000 Albendazol has been distributed. Continue reading

Before and After

This is a photo of Ludy, her two sons and her father.  The house that you see behind them is where they were living before the hurricane destroyed the small hut.  Can you imagine 4 people living in that small space?


This is Ludy’s new home.  Thanks to your generous contributions to the MOL Hurricane Relief Fund, we were able to construct her this new home.

hurricane house photos