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Missions of Love
PO Box 292
Hartford, KY  42347
(270) 363-0078

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Shipping Address:
11 Boling Road
Utica, KY  42376

Officers, Directors & Program Coordinators

Dale Breedlove, President

Nancy Bukovnik, Vice-president
Adult Literacy Program

Barbie Porter, Secretary
Hartford, KY

Tiffanie Quisenberry, Treasurer
Hartford, KY

Haitian Directors
Blaud Mondesir, Mission Director in Haiti

Christophe Velcine, Medical Director in Haiti

Louissaint Louis XVI, Haitian Director

American Directors
Dr. Bob and Betty Johnson
Hartford, KY

Asa Talbot, MD and Jean Talbot RN
Directors of Eye & Ear Clinic
Elkton, VA

Jude and Amy Wolf
Evansville, IN

Karen Becher
Manba Program Coordinator
Evansville, IN

MaryEllen Sanok, RN, MSN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Outreach Clinics Director
Traverse City, Michigan

Barbie & Ralph Porter
Dental Minstry
Owensboro, KY

Terry Anderson
Construction Projects
Rockport, IN

Joe Greene
Ministry, Vehicles
Rockport, IN

Brandon Embry
Medical Ministry
Lexington, KY

Safe Water for Families Project Coordinator
Michael Ritter