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Earthquake Update Oct. 2018

Here is a revised/updated note from Blaud and Christophe!Dear directors,

Christophe – After observing the building at MOL compound in Jolivert, I would like to give an update about the earthquake situation.

Vanessa’s building has small cracks all over, same thing for the guest house. The dental clinic has small crack too. The medical clinic, though it already has some, they have become worst. The new wall is ok, but I can see crack in two places at all wall.
Almost all the houses in Jolivert crack.

As you all heard from the news: Port de Paix ,Gros Morne  and Gonaives have lots of damages.

I would like  to thank all of you  who think about us , text us and pray for our safety. Praise God we are fine and so is our family.


We have heard from Blaud that everyone in Jolivert is safe.

The hospital in Port De Paix was damaged but did not collapse as first reported.  There are many structures in PdP and Gros Morn with damage and loss of life totals will likely rise but so far only 11 deaths reported.

When we get additional updates we will post them to our website and Facebook.

Please keep all of Haiti in your prayers.

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