Dr. Bob’s Year End Appeal

5 November, 2012

I think Missions of Love has earned some bragging rights.  I know, it’s said that one should not blow his own horn, but I’m not blowing it for me.  I’m blowing it for our “dynamic dozen”  officers and directors who just keep on keeping on after all these years of trials and difficulties to bring God’s Word to the Haitian people and to relieve their seemingly never-ending suffering and strife through medical, public health and educational interventions as well.   They do this without pay or recognition of any kind and “great is their faithfulness.”  Kudos to you, my dear friends!  I blow a horn also for our dedicated Haitian staff of thirty-five, whose lives we first helped to change and are now changing lives of tens of thousands of their countrymen through the Christian examples they make, the testimonies they share and the hard work they endure at Jolivert to God’s glory.

It is by no accident that our safe water project, “Gadyen Dlo,”  is now installed in over 25,000 homes in our immediate area and now in countless thousands of homes throughout Haiti since the Haitian Ministry of Health has adopted our methods and are encouraging them throughout the country.  It is because seeds were sown around our little clinic in Jolivert only ten-year ago.  And now even the WHO (World health Organization} have recognized our efforts and have recommended our process around the globe.

Ask some of the thousands of hungry kids we serve hot meals to every day in school yards across the mountains which surround us how they feel about MOL and the compassionate Christ we serve.  (In partnership with FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN we served a half million such meals during the 2011-12 season).  Ask the ever-growing congregations of the churches we’ve helped to build in high, remote mountain areas (where voodoo is still rampant) how their lives have changed since being born again.  Ask the hundreds of adults who have graduated from our adult literacy courses how blessed they feel to be able to read and write in their own language.  Ask the mothers of babies dying of third stage malnutrition who were pulled from the brink of death by our MAMBA FOR MALNUTRITION program, whose peanut-butter-based supplement manufactured at our compound turn them around in as little as six weeks.  Ask the hundreds whose vision has been changed by the glasses fitted in our eye clinic. Oh, and don’t forget to ask the many children we have helped to keep in school and especially those who have now graduated from schools of nursing, and even the three young men who we are sending through medical school.  (One of them, Louissaint Louis XVI, who is now doing clinical rotations in Evansville, Indiana, will get his MD degree in April and return to Jolivert next Spring to become the first Haitian physician out of our program to work in our own clinic).

And I could go on and on… but there is a problem.  We just scraped the bottom of the barrel to pay shipping costs on our last food order (90,000 more hot meals) which cost us only $5000 US – about six cents per meal and we had to “loan” dollars from one of our special program funds to the general fund in order to make payroll to our Haitian staff for the last three months.  Why?  Simply because our donations have fallen off precipitously over the past several months (25% in the past six months alone).  And it’s not just us.  Every mission leader I’ve spoken to in recent weeks is suffering the same plight.  Another sign of just how seriously the American economy has sunk.  I know how difficult it has become for family budgets to make room for the $20 dollars we had asked our ministry partners to send us each month.  We once had nearly 200 such families or individuals doing so, but in recent weeks it’s dropped off to only 40 or so.  Same situation with churches:  we were once getting monthly gifts from $50 to several hundreds of dollars monthly from several churches.  But some have fallen by the wayside for the very same reason:  their congregations are just not giving like they once were able to.

So, what to do?  For one, our executive committee has been forced to begin a rigorous frugality measure by cutting sharply all costs at Clinique Jolivert and are now even considering laying off some of our faithful staff.  We have, thanks to answered prayers, been spared of making that choice by God’s intervention through sudden “just-in-time” donations that have almost miraculously appeared before at the critical moment of need (witness the huge outpouring of gifts during the earthquake disaster a couple of years ago).  I, and all our directors, are praying hard for just such a miracle as you read these words.    Except now, in the extremity of our needs, we’re asking the gift to become $25 per month if you feel so led.  But if that’s too much, even $5 or $10 each month would help if enough givers were involved.  We are now approaching year’s end, and I know many of you are blessed by relative financial security, and as faithful Christians, may be making up your mind as to how best to utilize the dollars you are able to set aside for helping others, and to do so in a manner that is tax-deductible.

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Or you can mail a check to
Missions of Love
PO Box 292
Hartford, KY  42347
(270) 275-2555

Please keep in mind what I have shared with you in this letter.  A one-time gift or a commitment to become a ministry partner at $25 per month will give you more traction per dollar than any other ministry or cause you could imagine.  Or you may prefer to work through your church by approaching your mission board or church leaders to consider a monthly gift of whatever size is feasible.   And, if your church would like a brief presentation by myself or one of our directors, just give us a call.  Also, if you’ve not visited our website recently, please have a look at it for a more complete description of what all has been accomplished at Jolivert over the past nineteen years.

“A loud horn I’ve blown, a huge bell I’ve rung, a wild dance I’ve danced, a sweet song I’ve sung”…. And to God be all the glory!”  Have a joyous and blessed Christmas season.

Dr Bob and Betty