End of the Year Letter from President Dale Breedlove

Dear Missions Of Love Family:

Thanks to you, thousands of Haitian men, women, and children have been blessed in 2017 with hope. Hope, because you have walked alongside Missions Of Love and our five missionary teams this year as they made their journey into Haiti bringing with them the gifts of love, hard work, healthcare, dental care, and the message of the Light of the World. As a result, the folks of Jolivert, Tioboiderm, and others across the land of Haiti have received restored sight, restored health, restored smiles and transformed lives. On behalf of them, thank you for giving to the Lord and bringing the hope of a better life.

Every day, your support makes hope possible and Christ’s love tangible. 

Today, we’re launching our 2017 Year-End Campaign.  Our goal is to help provide continued opportunities to bless and assist our Haitian brothers and sisters by:

Building the Second Story atop the Dental Clinic to house a local dentist and provide educational rooms (Cost: $35,000): Build a much-needed small Operating Room for eye/ear and minor surgeries (Cost: $35,000): Provide General Maintenance of MOL property (Cost: $5,000): and Complete the Security Wall around the MOL campus (Cost: $70,000) This is an overall cost of $145,000.

You see, even though we helped thousands of Haitians last year, there are still thousands more who desperately need more healthcare services we are not able to supply due to inadequate brick-and-mortar solutions.

We know $145,000 is a lot of money but doesn’t our God ask “… is there anything too hard for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27) When we raise that amount, we’ll be able to provide improved healthcare, including eye surgery, daily dental care, and extended educational opportunities while being the hands and feet of Christ. But, we do need you to help make it happen.

Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation to help us meet our goal and bring a better quality of life and the hope of the gospel to thousands more of our Haitian brothers and sisters?

Donations can be made on our website link here

or via mail

Missions of Love
PO Box 292
Hartford, KY  42347

Your support, whether financially or prayerfully, will make a lasting impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
With gratitude and love,
Dale Breedlove, MOL President
And the Missions Of Love Board of Directors

Christmas Eve

By Robert Thomas Johnson, M.D. ~ Christmas Eve 1992

The bustling crowds, the caroling,
The jingling bells have quieted.
The Earth is still.
Such brilliance have the stars this night!
Perhaps as when oriental kings
Once exclaimed over such a star
Now it is time…
For unto us a child is given.
Now is time…
Time to climb out.
Out of the pits of ennui and quiet despair,
Out of those dismal swamps of muddied waters and missed chances.
Time to scuttle over the ramparts
Devised against a spurious world
Media-sculpted, greed-fed, and fear-driven.
Time to, belatedly and at long last,
Take that joyous leap
Outward and upward into a Spirit realm
Of unimaginable freedom
To reclaim a doubt damaged soul…
A soul battered with grief,
Poisoned by social injustice,
Sickened with inhumanities
Blinded by apathy, crippled by impotence.
Time at last to break the bonds of bitterness,
Cast off the fetters of futility
To dance once more with the children,
Sing with the birds, soar with the eagles, flow with the mighty rivers.
Time to claim the peace of God’s promise
That yes! – Truly passes all understanding.
Time to awake from the dream-like slumber
Of a false reality.
Like a seed planted eons ago
Shall at last stir to the caress of sun on earth
So shall I open the firmly clenched petals
Of my oppressed, hibernal spirit
To the radiance of His limitless, timeless,
All-forgiving love,
Blossoming with a new-found, indistinguishable youth
Not of frail and transient bone and body
But the real stuff – of poetry and promise,
Of hope, of daring, of discovery,
Of fierce resolve and wild surmise
Yet shall I range, like Ulysses Clan,
Across all the boundless seas of eternity
In search of horizons as yet undreamed of
And victories made only possible
Through impregnable faith
In my God and the Son of Man.