Karen Becher and Group in Haiti

Karen Becher and her group are having a successful trip in Haiti.  Here’s a few of their comments & photos so far…..

Made it to Jolivert safely on Tuesday. we hiked to Bel-Air yesterday to hold a mobile clinic & saw 118 patients! Today we had the first of two days of health care conferences for 18 nursing students and 14 outreach workers. Things are going great, thanks for the prayers. ~ Karen Becher

To God be the Glory, great things he has done! We saw over 100 patients at the Bel Air bush clinic in Haiti 2 days ago (malnutrition, rampant scabies, parasitic worms, stroke, and more); we finished a 2 day health conference with Haitian RNs and village health workers today(CPR training, breast feeding, nutrition, dehydration, IV techniques, ENT, and family planning); was reunited with my “Haitian 4 yr old daughter” who had a fever and was very sick; and we’re off to the market tomorrow. Despite the extreme poverty, Haitians are resilient! Thanks be to God for this opportunity! ~ Amy Bankston

In Haiti! What a blessing to have this amazing experience! ~ Brooke Gray

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