Karen Becher’s Update from Haiti

Where to start… Visited 5 graduates on Manba program yesterday and all look really good. During visit found a 3 yr old girl with 3rd degree malnutrition and edema so she will go to the clinic on Mon. and start on the manba program. Got to visit a Mom of twins-in Jan. twins came to clinic underweight. Mom was put on Manba program and twin are now chubby at 7 months.

We have discovered a little girl we met last summer is now a restavek in a nearby city. Parents who can’t afford to care of their child will place them will a family that is suppossed to send the child to school in return for the child doing housework. It usually turns out that the child is burdened with work and never gets to go to school; kind of like a child slave. We are working to get her back with her family by supporting her in school and providing a monthly stipened to feed her.

This morning Brooke, a nurse practioner with the group, rushed to a nearby house. The lady was 3 months pregnant and hemmoraging. The took her to the nearest hospital and only the security guard was there. The woman stopped breathing and Brooke had to perform CPR. She was able to resuscitate the women before the doctor arrived. The last thing we did today was show the Jesus Video in Creole for about 75 kids at Pastor Jean Robert’s church.