Merry Christmas Letter From Christophe in Jolivert

Dear Directors and Supporters,
In the behalf of all employees at MOL Jolivert,I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope this Christmas season brings you hope,peace,joy and happiness.

At the end of this year,we want to thank you for your efforts and sacrifices you have been made to support our ministries in Jolivert,Haiti. I want to tell you your help touches many and many hopeless people and is really meaningful for them. Praise God,despite of all troubles and difficulties Haiti has been through,our Mighty God is still on our side and enable us and strength us to accomplish our daily and monthly tasks during this year.

This year,about 3000 patients have been treated at clinic Jolivert for different kinds of illness like malaria,Typhoid,intestinal parasites,high blood pressure,skin infections,respiratory diseases and so forth. In the Lab,we have been testing about 700 patients and about 295 among them are positives. Lots of thanks for Malaria Fini who help us to distribute free Chloroquin at jolivert and at the remote mountain and so many people can be relief from Malaria. About 300 patients among the so many testing,has been treated for Typhoid. More than 5000 Albendazol has been distributed.

In our Children outreach health ministry,which is settle in six differents villages in the remote mountain area, about 1500 children have been treated from Jul.2011 to Dec.2011 for differents kind of illess such as malaria,diarrhea,skin infection,dehydration,intestinal parasites, etc.

We want to express an special thank you to Child First Meds who provides us pediatrics meds so the little ones live can save.
Our Safe Water ministry,keep on its way,this year we add 3000 more homes and we continue our prevention teaching. Thanks to this program so many people in the area we serve stay safe from the cholera.

Our new program:ADULTS health outreach has been a blessing for especially the old people living in the remote mountain, who suffer from pains,high blood pressure and who are not be able walk a long way to find a health care center. The places we have been already are: Moustique(Grivot) Laplate(Dugas,Odige),MontBayard. In six visits,we have seen 266 patients,most of them suffer from high blood pressure.

The MANBA for malnutrition has been doing a wonderful job also. This year the program treat a total of 43 children with severe malnutrition. This program treat 230 children since its beginning. I don’t have words to express to Karen for all her hard work to have funds to rescue those children,the ingredients cost so much.

Also,this year our services are reinforce by some of NGO on the field like CARE that we are partner with it in HIV testing,counseling and provide us meds. To treat the opportunistic disease. They train our staff in to have a good result.

MSPP send a resident doctor for a year in Jolivert to work full time and ready at any time. UCNIEF gave us a propane refrigerator so we save the vaccines,now we immunization available every day. And if there is a campaign of immunization,Jolivert will be one of the center.

I try to explain all of this and what I say is true and we have done many more I don’t mention. As many of you know about it,is just to tell you, your work is worthy,is not in vain because all you have done, you do it for the Lord. And you do it with great love. Without your love for those people,we could not accomplish all. May God continue helping you to help others.

Today,we close so each employee can have some time with their loves ones and we will reopen on Jan.9,2012. Yet,I already have an schedule for the medical group who will come along with sister Pat.on Jan.16,2012.

Wed.jan.18 will have a clinic in MontBayard,Thurs.Jan.19,Clinic in Grivot(moustique),Frid.Jan.20 clinic in Laplate(Dugas).And Dr.Gerald would like the nurse to give a presentation in his school in PdP,in that can be work out they can go no Monday,Jan.23.

God bless you,
Christophe Velcine