Adult Literacy Program

Adult Literacy Class - PdP 2016

Adult Literacy Class – PdP 2016

Both Betty and I are thrilled with the successes our dear friend, Nancy Bukovnik, has enjoyed with the amazing Adult Literacy Program she has developed, sponsored and overseen since its inception back in 2007. Over 1,300 adults in the region served by Missions Of Love who had no prior skills in either reading or writing in their own language of Creole are now reading and studying the Holy Bible, newspapers and other learning materials in an isolated and remote geographic area of Haiti where as many as 50% of the population are illiterate. This extremely popular program fits so perfectly with MOL*s vision to not only lead persons to the saving Grace of our Lord, but to educate them and improve their quality of life in many areas, as Nancy*s Literacy program has so aptly done. Kudos to you, Miz Nancy!

Dr. Robert *Bob* Johnson, MOL Founder – Feb. 2016

2016 Spotlight on Adult Literacy Program

Nancy Bukovnik, a retired nurse from Ohio, made her first Haiti mission trip with Missions Of Love Founders, Dr. Bob and Betty Johnson in 2007 prepared to share her nursing skills. She was completely unaware that God was about to take her out of her comfort zone and introduce her into the wonderful world of words.

“Adult Literacy was not my idea, I knew nothing about it,* Nancy freely admits. *It was a school teacher friend who suggested I look into it when I returned from my first trip to Haiti. We tried it with one class and God grew it from there.*

Reading and writing are the empowering tools that have forged nations and emboldened dreams. However, the literacy rate in Haiti is about 61%, with rural area rates plunging even lower, lessening the hopes of fulfilled dreams. But, thanks to *Miz Nancy’s* courage to walk a new path, many Haitians residing in the Artibonite area can now reach their dreams of reading and writing in their native tongue through the Adult Literacy Program.

The first Adult Literacy class started in September 2007 with one teacher and 20 students meeting in the MOL conference center. Two years later the class of 14 students completed the course and upon graduation received their very own Kreyol Bible. The Kreyol literacy materials used are obtained from Literacy Evangelism International, (  which provides God-focused curriculum. The course is FREE for each student and the teacher is paid $40 US/month. The class meets four days a week for two hours; at the end of ten months the students should be able to read on a fifth grade level.

in 2008, as word began to spread about this *easy-to-learn* program, other villages and  churches began to request that classes be held in their towns. Once teachers were procured and trained, five additional classes were started. By 2009, the Adult Literacy Program had matured into a full-fledged program that now required management prompting Miz Nancy to acquire the services of two MOL staff, Blaud Mondesir, and Jacquesonn Estima.  The duo quickly set all the classes on the same schedule. It was during this time period it was also discovered that many of the students had begun to develop vision difficulties. This lead to the incorporation of  free student eye exams and reading glasses, if needed, provided by the MOL Eye Clinic, which is sponsored by Dr. Asa Talbot.

Just one year later, with the continued success rate and popularity, 12 Adult Literacy Classes were being conducted. By conclusion of the 2010-11 season, 150 students had completed the classes and received Bibles.

Each year since, there have been 12 Adult Literacy classes conducted bringing the total number of graduates up to 1,300. The current session has 248 students enrolled in the Jolivert area, that is an amazing increase of 1,240% students from when it started just nine years ago! And, as requests for more classes continue, the Adult Literacy Program continues to make efforts to improve, whereas, even Jacquesonn attended a session from Literacy Evangelism International to refine his skills for teacher training.

The most exciting news about this flourishing literacy program, however, has been that as the Adult Literacy Program continues to expand, a greater wisdom is transforming lives* many of the students while learning to read and write have gained an even greater understanding* one of the gospel! As a result, many of the Adult Literacy students have received forgiveness and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ! Additionally, the good news continues, as the Adult Literacy is also now being taught in the larger city of Goniaves where Pastor Genada of Grace Baptist Church and Mission has 16 of his Bible School graduates using the literacy materials as they plant churches.



Adult Literacy Report 2014

The 2013-2014 adult literacy school year had 12 classes with 25 students per class.  276 out of the 300 students graduated.  The classes ended in May and the students received their Creole Bibles.

People love the program.  Just to be able to sign their name is empowering to them.  Students learn about Jesus as they learn to read and write, and find His forgiveness and love.

Jackson is running the program under Blaud they are doing a great.  Jackson does all the traveling and teaches all the teachers. He is a great leader in the area and he is always wanting to learn more. Nancy is currently looking into workshops for Jackson to continue his leadership and training skills.

Thank you to Dr. Asa and Jean Talbot of the Eye Clinic for continuing to provide eye exams for literacy students.

Nancy’s story:

I visited Jolivert for the first time in April 2007. Through Marcia and Scott Skelton of Medical Supplies for Christ I had heard of the work of MOL in Haiti. After meeting Dr. Bob and Betty, I was impressed with their love and commitment to bring spiritual and physical healing to this area of God’s creation. I began to send support and finally God opened the door for me to make the trip to Jolivert.

A whole new world of need was opened to me and I returned to the US questioning God as to how He would want me to be involved. The door that He opened was in the area of adult literacy. Every step of the way, from finding the Christ-centered primers to the funding of the program has been a delightful watching of His hand at work.

It was planned that the students books would be taken into Haiti with the Oct. team. However, the twelve students (Eleven women and one man) were so anxious to start the classes that they began two weeks before we arrived, having only a blackboard and the teacher’s book. The teacher, Mssr. Gessner, is a neighbor in Jolivert and was in need of employment. Each student is charged $5 H (70 cents) for the course and the teacher is paid $50 US/month.

Seralet, Dr. Asa’s eye assistant, did eye exams on all the students and found that six needed reading glasses which were provided at no cost. Another blessing!!

The materials were obtained from Literacy and Evangelism International, ( The class meets five days a week for two hours; at the end of ten months the students should be able to read on a fifth grade level. Upon graduation, each student will receive a Creole Bible.  Pr. Jean- Robert has plans to begin a second class at his church in January.

The joy to me is that people will be set free from the bondage of illiteracy to be able to read the Bible for themselves and grow in their faith.

Nancy Bukovnik

haiti-literacy-class-22The second graduating class from the Literacy Program.

UPdate from Nancy – June 1, 2009

The photo below shows one of the 19 students in the literacy class reading aloud from her Creole Bible.


This class at Pr. John-Robert’s church has been in session for one year and the students were given their personal Bibles on this day. It was a very precious moment. There are now 6 classes: two at La Platte, two at Pr. John Robert’s church, 1 at Fon Du Roc and 1 at the mission conference center. We have been purchasing Creole books for additional reading with the hope of developing a library.

Adult Literacy Report June 27, 2012

Blaud and Jackson continue to administrate the Adult Literacy Program. They determine when and where the classes are held and choose the teaching staff. I am so very pleased with their integrity and conscientiousness. Jackson is currently developing a way to evaluate the skill level of the students at various points.

In May, 206 students received their Creole Bibles. (The anticipated cost was $12/Bible, but through a contact provided by Asa and Jean, we were able to purchase them for $5 each).

Jackson held a training session for the new teachers in May at the mission.
Pendus – Vilma Odenio
Biscaille – Pastuer Benedick
Berlair – Gerald
Platon Perou – Similien Maurice
Marotiere – Deciles
Tante – Almicier
Neyrac – Pasteur Monrose Jean Iphael
Pendus Nacourt – Decius Noelda
Morotiere – Petit Revelus
La Plate souty – Rosier Benest
Bellevue – Constantin Ovny
Duga Bony – Demeutrius Amory

In July, Jackson and Blaud attended an annual teaching conference in Carrefore sponsored by Beyond Borders/Haiti Partners. The focus was rights of children and child slavery (Restaviks). A follow- up conference will be held at MOL in Jolivert in September for the purpose of training and alerting our local population regarding these issues.


Adult Literacy Report July 2013

The 2012-2013 adult literacy school year had 12 classes with 266 students. The classes ended in May and the students received their Creole Bibles.

Jackson is currently holding training days for the 2013-2014 teachers.

Two new classes have been started in Gonaives. One is at Grace Baptist Church and the other in Raboto, an area of Gonaives that is exceedingly poor and highly voodu. The students learn about Jesus as they learn to read and write, and find His forgiveness and love.

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