Eye and Ear Clinic

The Eye/Ear Clinic is a ministry dedicated to providing low-cost or free eye exams and care and eyewear to the poor of Haiti. Operating year-around with Haitians trained in the techniques of optometry and optical dispensing, the clinic provides simple medical attention and refractions at far less cost than available in the market place.

Single-vision glasses are provided on-site.  We purchase the single vision glasses as readers for as low as we can and the cost is minimal.  Bi-focal glasses are not possible at this time due to the high cost of a surface grinder for lenses. They were being made by friends in the US who had optical labs but the volume and need was too great. The optical industry is having a hard time these days due to out-sourcing of all the lens manufacturing to Far Eastern nations. This is also making it hard for us to get lens blanks because we used to get the rejected but still usable lenses. Now they are thrown out overseas and not shipped back. Costs are contained through donated lenses, frames and sunglasses.

The ear portion of the clinic provides simple care for ear disease and evaluation of hearing loss. A lab for preparing hearing aid molds is in place and a program of supplying hearing aids to the deaf is evolving.

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