Medical Clinic

* Update from Dr. Bob – July 2009

Clinic Jolivert has assumed its role as a major health center in Haiti, directed by a Haitian physician, fully-staffed by Haitian health personnel, and working with the blessings and full cooperation of the Haitian Ministry of Health.  Among our new priorites are: the ongoing daily distribution of mosquito nets, providng free chloroquin (provided by MALARIA FINI) to all malaria sufferers (the leading illness seen at the clinic from day to day), giving government-provided immunizations to children, and doing HIV testing to a ever-widening at-risk population.  This year we will hire (provided funding is adequate) several newly trained nurses native to the Jolivert area for the first time ever.  This is due to the harvest of new diplomates springing from our education fund over the past few years.

Clinic Jolivert is open Monday through Friday with nurses on call after hours and weekends. Our clinic and adjacent compound operations have grown to require a total of 33 full-time employees. Beginning at 8 AM the staff holds a brief praise and worship service with both singing and prayer, and an invitation to come to the Lord.

Numbers are then handed out to everyone waiting to be seen. As their numbers are called they proceed into the clinic and are checked in by Jean-Robert Louis-Sez. He is a local pastor who augments his income by helping out in the clinic. The patient’s record jacket is pulled or one is prepared for each new patient.. These are filed alphabetically in tall file cabinets behind the reception area.


A small consultation fee is paid which covers the consultation and most lab fees. It also covers up to two donated medications. (The Haitian ministry of Health requires that a fee is charged). A great number of our daily-prescribed medications are provided by US donors. These are provided to our patients at no cost. When American nurses or doctors are not present, each patient is then seen by Nurse Edlyn Beaubrun or our new Haitian physician, Dr.Guerry Cenord. In addition to seeing as many as 40 patients daily, Miz Edlyn also takes all emergency calls, delivers babies, oversees our health Outreach program, and gives immunizations. Dr. Guerry has a special interest in cardiology and sees many elderly patients with these problems aided by our EKG machines.

When lab work is indicated we are blessed to have three lab techs on our staff. Our full-time tech is Noberta Obsaint, a certified lab technologist trained in Port-au-Prince. She is backed up and relieved from time to time by our clinic director, Christophe Velcine and his wife Carmel. Blood smears for malaria, fecal smears for parasites, and Widal test for typhoid are done many times daily.

Other Haitan health facilities in our surrounding area send patients to our lab as we are the best equipped anywhere around. For some of the more costly tests (to us) we charge a small fee to cover costs; such as: $1.00 US for HIV testing, and $1.42 for pregnancy tests. We also do complete blood counts, blood sugars and urinalysis. We are badly in need of a multi-test chemistry unit so that other blood chemistries like potassium and urea nitrogen levels may be checked as well.

When prescriptions are written they are filled in our pharmacy…one of the best supplied to found in Haiti.

When our newly-acquired x-ray (a GE battery-operated unit) is operable, we will save our patients many miles of travel and exorbitant cost to reach the nearest available one.

Our clinic never turns away those who are unable to pay…which means w must subsidize our pharmacy and lab by an average of $500US each month from our general fund.

A big plus for Clinique Jolivert is that we are operational year round, 24-7. Still, we do not rely solely on donated funds and are staffed primarily by Haitians. American personnel like Dr. Bob and Miz Betty work there only sporadically. Of course, many more come when Americans are there as we work for free!

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