Planting New Churches

Update from Dr. Bob – July 2009

The church high in the remote mountainous community of Marotier is finally finished and under roof, and their congregation has grown to 300, with a Christian primary school serving 125 children. This also involves our paying salaries for four teachers for four primary grades.  An exciting new program to feed these hungry kids a hot meal each day is now being made possible by a partnership with FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN? and the NORTHWEST HAITI CHRISTIAN MISSION (of whom I was once medical director) at the unbelievable cost of five cents US each!  As we speak, an appeal has gone out to VBSs of various churches to ask their kids to bring in one dollar each, which will feed a hot meal to one child for an entire month. These are meals-ready-to-eat that can be heated in water, poured out of their plastic containers and fed directly to the children at the school site.

Land has also been purchased in Pas Catabwa, another remote mountain community several miles from Marotier. They already have a congregation of 60. Both of these churches are in the heart of one of the worst voodoo strongholds in Haiti. Glory to God for bringing His people in!