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Update from Dr. Bob – 2013

It is by no accident that our safe water project, “Gadyen Dlo,”  is now installed in over 25,000 homes in our immediate area and now in countless thousands of homes throughout Haiti since the Haitian Ministry of Health has adopted our methods and are encouraging them throughout the country.  It is because seeds were sown around our little clinic in Jolivert only ten-year ago.  And now even the WHO (World health Organization} have recognized our efforts and have recommended our process around the globe.

Update from Dr. Bob – July 2009

The Safe water program, Gadyen Dlo,  is still running at full speed ahead, thanks to their dedicated staff, and the brilliant oversight of Christophe Velcine and his American counterpart, Michael Ritter. They have as of this report placed almost 5000 buckets with over 3500 families. The chlorine solution, manufactured on site at Jolivert, is now being distributed by 19 retailers throughout the Northwest of Haiti in an ever-expanding geographical area. I can see this becoming a nationwide project in years to come. It would be impossible to accurately assess the impact upon typhoid, dysentery, and intestinal parasitism that his program has made upon the community it serves. Little wonder that World Health Organization (WHO) has singled it out as one of the most effective safe water programs in the Third World!

Jolivert Safe Water for Families (JSWF) Project

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June 2008 marked 10 years of my working with water projects in Haiti—about half of that time with the Jolivert SWF Project. The same month the two-year USAID Grant that I have administered will come to a close and in June 2007 I reach my 70th birthday. These “milestones� have caused me to assess my own future with respect to seeking new activities that will present me with fresh experiences and challenges.
The Jolivert SWF Project has been successful and is currently stable and well-run by Christophe Velciné, Mme. Evelyn Camille and the technicians. My only concern in leaving was that for its successful continuation, the Project should have capable leadership to direct the project and to help develop and implement future plans for growth.

The good news is that Michael Ritter, who completed his research work for his Masters of Public Health Thesis in Jolivert this June and July, has agreed to serve as Director of the Jolivert Project beginning June 1, 2008. He will be supported by Deep Springs, Inc. a faith-based NGO that he helped found. With Michael and his organization on board, I am confident that I leave the Jolivert SWF Project in excellent hands.

From January to June 2008, Michael will have the title Associate Director of the Jolivert SWF Project and we will work together on all decisions and to complete a smooth transition. In June, when Michael becomes Director of the Jolivert SWF Project, I will assume the title of Senior Advisor to the Project for at least a year with no specific duties other than assisting Michael in whatever way he chooses.

In April I will begin work in Leogane as part of my new activities that will use the lessons learned from the Jolivert SWF Project to help implement Safe Water Programs that NGOs would like to establish in other Haitian communities.

I have enjoyed my work for Missions of Love in Jolivert and those I have been associated with more that I can say. Although my future activities may take me other places in Haiti, part of me will always remain in Jolivert.
All the best,
Bill Gallo, Jolivert Safe Water for Families Project

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