My Mission Trip: Jonah Frick

My Mission Trip

Name:   Jonah Frick

Age:  13 years old

Profession/school/grade:   I’m in 8th grade at Keithley Middle School.

Where do you live?  Tacoma, WA

Have you ever been on a mission trip before?   No, this was my first mission trip.

How did you hear about Missions of Love?   My mom and dad heard about it at church and they asked if I wanted to go with them.

Was this your first trip to Haiti?   Yes

How many days was your trip?   With travel (air and crazy dirt roads) it was a total of 12 days.

Have you always had a desire to do mission work?   I didn’t know much about missions, but I wanted to help others in need.

What was the purpose of your missions of love trip?   It was a medical mission but I was told I would help where I could and I would help my mom with a VBS.

Where you able to accomplish what you went to do?  Yes, and much more. I helped my mom but I got to do so much more than I thought I could do. I helped where ever people needed me and I was able to watch Dr. Mick do eye surgeries and help people see again. I got to play with kids and made sure everyone had water. I went up and down the hill so many times but I could do it so others could stay and work and help others.

Were you able to experience Haiti outside of the MOL Compound? We went to church on Sunday. The people sang and danced and the boy playing the drums only had sticks to hit the drums with and they kept breaking apart and pieces were flying all over and hitting people, but no one minded. The drums were all broken too, with pieces of the cymbals missing, but he didn’t mind. He just kept playing and playing and everyone sang and sang and danced.

We went to the market one day on a tap-tap and that was so much fun to ride on. The market was really crowded and dirty, but the people weren’t mean to us at all. We were stared at a lot. A few days later I went to see a couple of schools on a tap-tap. The walls were just palm frons and I realized how lucky I am at home and I will never complain about my school again.

We went to a bush clinic too. I played with the little kids there and made a lot of friends. We played follow the leader and tried to play duck-duck-goose. That was funny. We painted the nails of everyone who wanted it. Even the boys and men wanted their nails painted. The glitter polish was the favorite one. It was hard to leave that village when we were done.

What did you think of the Haitian food/culture? The food was so good but it was hard to eat the goat. I love the spices in the food. The avocados were so big and I love avocados so much. They kept bringing out bigger and bigger plates of avocados for me. I got lots of pineapple too. It was weird that they don’t drink milk at all. And they only eat 2 times a day. The people were nice and friendly but they don’t keep the dogs as pets, so that was hard. I love my dog and wanted to pet the dogs there but I wasn’t allowed.

Was there one person/experience that really touched your heart, if so, would you please share? I loved watching the eye surgery. It was something I never ever could do at home and I never thought I would like to do, but it was so cool to watch and I loved that Dr. Mick told me all about what he was doing. He was a really cool teacher and I learned all about eyes and how they work. No one treated me like a little kid and I knew that I was needed just like all the grownups were.

Would you like to return to Haiti someday?  Yes. I want to go back in February but my mom isn’t sure if I can get out of school again for so long the same year. I want to go back and help more. So many people need the help and even if I only help the team, then that’s good enough because they are helping the people. My birthday is in January and what I want for my birthday is to go back in February. Hint, hint, mom…