My Mission Trip ~ Tiffanie Quisenberry

Tiffanie Quisenberry

Name:  Tiffanie Quisenberry

Age:  31

Profession:  Teacher

Where do you live?  Pleasant Ridge, KY


Have you ever been on a Mission trip before?  Yes, to Haiti

How did you hear about Missions of Love?  I met Dr. Bob and Ms. Betty when I was a teenager at church.  They always spoke of Missions of Love and Haiti and what awesome things God was doing there.

Was this your first trip to Haiti?  No, this was my 4th trip to Haiti.  I went twice with Ms. Betty when I was a teenager, and I went 2 years ago with Ms. Betty, Nancy, and Meghann.

How many days was your trip?  10

Have you always had a desire to do mission work?  Yes, since I learned what it was and went to Haiti for the first time.  When I was younger, I thought I would be a teacher in Haiti!

What was the purpose of your Missions of Love trip?  We took youth in, allowed them to experience Haiti and lead some VBS in different areas.  I met with teachers at Morotier school we support to see how things were going.

What did you think of the Haitian food/culture?  I love the black beans and rice.  I am not a big fruit fan so that was a downfall.  And I was a little skeptic on the meat.  But I have no trouble at all eating in Haiti.  As for culture, I adjust, the hardest part is wearing skirts/dresses all the time, but I managed.

Were you able to experience Haiti outside the MOL compound?  Yes, on the way in we stopped in Gonaives and visited a mission and bakery.  Then we went to Dufailly and stayed overnight with Christophe’s family.  We visited many different places for VBS.  We went across the river to Fondu Roc.  We took the army truck two hours to Marochier.  We travelled to Bas-Berard, home to the triplet family my life group supports and taught a VBS and visited a small school there.  We went to Saint-Louis-du-Nord to market and Port-de-Paix.  On the way out of Haiti, we stopped in Carries, Haiti at Ocean View Resort and stayed for two nights.  This resort was very nice compared to what we were use to in Jolivert.  We got to sleep with air conditioning!!  It was also right on the ocean with a beach with sand!!  But what was most awesome about this resort was it was ran by people who also run an orphanage, elderly home, young girls home, school and so much more for the community.  It was so awesome to see others helping Haiti!

Would I like to return to Haiti some day?  YES!  I plan on returning to Haiti many, many many more times!