Hurricane Relief Update

Missions of Love is on the ground in Haiti – 365 days a year – and we have been for the last 20+ years.  We’re not just there for the hurricane relief, we’re there to help making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.

gadyen-dloGadyen Dlo is manufactured at our compound in Jolivert, Haiti.  A bottle like the one pictured costs only 35 cents and will purify 185 gallons of water.  Now that cholera is spreading in Haiti due to hurricane Matthew, water purification is essential to saving lives.

As families effected by the hurricane come to our clinic in Jolivert, we will give them each a bottle of Gadyen Dlo and explain to them the dangers of cholera.

This morning, Nurse Edline reported over 20 families effected by the storm came to the clinic for assistance and more will continue to pour in over the next days and weeks.

MOL has been treating patients from the heavily affected areas of Biarry and Busan Cache free of charge, as well as providing food.  These are two areas have a working relationship with MOL through Pastor Jean Robert.


Vice President Nancy Bukovnik is in Jolivert with Directors Asa Talbot and Barbie and Ralph Porter.  They are assessing the needs of the community and how MOL can best help in this tragic situation.  Relief funds donated to MOL will be used to purchase medicines and food for families such as these.


Missions of Love is setting up a special Hurricane Relief Fund that will be used to help these areas that we serve that were destroyed in the high winds, rain and flooding.

Know that 100% of your donations will reach the Haitian people!

You may also mail a check to

Missions of Love
PO Box 292
Hartford, KY 42347

Hurricane Relief

We are still in the process of evaluating the surrounding areas of Jolivert, but our hearts are so very thankful and happy to have just received word from our Haitian Missions Of Love Director, Blaud that our staff and community fared well during the hurricane.

Several areas that we serve, Biary and Tante specifically, unfortunately did not.  Reports from Pastor Jean Robert are that church structures are gone, houses in the community are washed away and crops are gone.

Missions of Love is setting up a special Hurricane Relief Fund that will be used to help these areas that we serve that were destroyed in the high winds, rain and flooding.

Know that 100% of your donations will reach the Haitian people!

You may also mail a check to

Missions of Love
PO Box 292
Hartford, KY 42347

We ARE NOT collecting items to send into Haiti.  Shipping takes far to long and logistics are next to impossible, especially during a disaster.

Once we have definite plans for a team to go into Haiti, we will put out a plea for items that they might be able to carry in.  By purchasing as many items as possible in Haiti though, it will tremendously help the local economies.

If you are interested in going in on a medical or construction team sometime in the near future, please contact Meghann at (270) 313-3543 or


Hurricane Update

We’ve been posting updates on our Facebook page and will continue to try and keep everyone informed as information comes in to us.

MOL Vice President, Nancy Bukovnik is safe in Gonaives, Haiti.  Her text this morning – “Rain all night. No wind. Safe. House full of children from the orphanage. They slept on floor. Pastor wanted them on a second level in case of flooding. Thank you, jesus . Not raining now.”

Blaud is in PdP and his text this morning “Everything is ok here in Port de Paix,rain all night long,wind but no damage except in the area of Biary and Tante.”


Photo from Blaud in PdP.

Pastor Jean Robert has reported to us as well that Biary has sustained a lot of damage.

MOL will be updating you just as soon as we get further information from those in Haiti.  Please keep praying for them, especially the southern tip where they are cut off and communication is almost zero.


Louisiana Mission Trip Follow Up Report


The trip one way was a 14 hour trip. (So worth it!) My van with 7 passengers and a truck with 2 passengers pulling a Uhaul trailer full of food and supplies.  God surely did show his beauty and personal touch in each aspect of this trip.
I could write a book for you about all that HE made happen while there but I will just hit the highlights:)

We went not knowing where we would be sleeping for sure and what our arrangements would be. We arrived and met our wonderful leader Brian ( from OurSaviors Church) who bless his heart had just accepted his position (as operations manager in his church) the Thursday before we arrived. He did an excellent job and his heart truly was apparent to the needs around him. He arranged for our group to stay at OurSaviorsChurch Broussard Campus in their dorms.

Arriving one day later than us was an amazing group from Omaha! The Omaha Rapid Response Team consisted of 3 women and 4 men. God truly blessed us by crossing our paths with this amazing Christian group and we worked alongside them for two days. Our men worked with them in home reconstructing. (Insulation and drywalling) Myself, my three children,(Kostin 10yrs, Kahner 7yrs, and Abby 5yrs) Lori Clark, and Malaina Hickey, all from Reflections of Christ church and Jan Peach from Ohio County also worked out of a supply warehouse unloading supply trucks and boxing up food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

img_3083One of our tasks was to deliver these boxes to homes in need. That was amazing, I mean guys being the hands and feet of Jesus gets no better than this! We were led to a very physically poor neighborhood (Duke Street) that every house had been affected by the flood. This is a neighborhood that had not yet been touched by FEMA or any other volunteer outreach. We delivered boxes of supplies to several of the houses and were able to pray as a group with one lady and one gentleman.

We later returned to Brian, our fearless leader, and told him of the neighborhood and he handed us gift cards to Home Depot, Walmart, and McDonalds! We went back to Duke Street and we able to bless them once again. They were so appreciative of all that was given. The lady we prayed with showed her appreciation by the tears that ran down her face. Praise God that HE was there with us and that they felt his love in that very moment!

As a parent, seeing the hearts of your children being consumed with serving others is a blessing that triumphs no other. God showed up on this mission in so many ways but one huge way was the giving hearts that shared financially to make this trip possible. I want to personally thank you for being obedient and being such joyful givers. Our Missions of Love donors donated a total of $1350.00 towards this Louisiana mission trip!! I have included a few pictures of my family purchasing supplies at Lowes with that money before leaving for LA! Also a few pics while in Louisiana. Praise be to our Lord for the love that HE is providing for our friends in Louisiana!!

~ Meghann Phelps, MOL Director

MOL Heading to Louisiana to Assist with Clean Up

Meghan and family

Meghan and family

Missions of Love Director Meghan Phelps and her family are headed to Louisiana to help with clean up efforts.  They will be part of a team from Reflections of Christ Church (ROC) out of Hartford, Kentucky.  ROC is where the home office for MOL is located and they have supported MOL for 25+ years.

The team is leaving Sept. 5th and will stay in Louisiana for 4 to 5 days.  During this time, the team will assist homeowners with cleaning up their property and showering them with God’s love.  The group will assess the needs of the people they are there to serve and hope to plan a follow-up trip in the near future.

Working with a local group in Louisiana, the team is carrying in cleaning supplies and can use financial donations to purchase additional supplies.  Donations need to be at ROC/MOL by Sept. 3rd.  You can make a donation online via papal or mail a check to MOL.  Please specify Louisiana Clean Up with your donation.

Missions of Love
PO Box 292
Hartford, KY 42347

My Mission Trip August 2016


Brenda Lewis edited

NAME: Brenda Lewis

AGE: (Optional) 72 years

PROFESSION: Retired accountant

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? (City and State) Evansville, Indiana



HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT MISSIONS OF LOVE? Bishop Darrell Cook, Senior Pastor Bethesda Ministries, Int’l., Evansville, Indiana.


HOW MANY DAYS WAS YOUR TRIP? From October 29, 2015 to November 9, 2015. Ten days.

HAVE YOU ALWAYS HAD A DESIRE TO DO MISSION WORK? Yes.  My first mission trip was the culmination of my deep desire to go to the foreign field and teach the Word of God when I was sixteen years old.  Now fifty-six years later, I realized the dream of a foreign missionary.

WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR MISSIONS OF LOVE TRIP? To share the gospel of Jesus Christ during a Women’s Conference.


Yes. Pastor Tanya Cook, retired director Pat Duarte, Evangelist Brenda Lewis and Sis Kori Hinton spoke at the Women’s Conference, This was my first time teaching   with an interpreter.  It gave me great joy of proclaiming the Word of God to women eager to hear.  Some, possibility have never heard the Gospel before.  The women were elated over the beautiful scarfs that were given to them.

WERE YOU ABLE TO EXPERIENCE HAITI OUTSIDE OF THE MOL COMPOUND? (e.i. Go to church, market, or neighboring villages, ride a tap-tap or moto bike, etc.) IF YES, PLEASE GIVE SOME DETAILS.

Yes.  We attended Bethesda Tabernacle Haiti for a revival service.  Also, the pastor’s wife of Bethesda -Haiti, hosted a special celebration for Pastor Tanya Cook on her birthday.  The program and the food were outstanding and Pastor Cook was simply delighted.

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE HAITIAN FOOD/CULTURE? I was impressed with the sincerity of the people I met and their anointed worship.  The food was well prepared and delicious thanks to Blaud Mondesir and his staff.

WAS THERE ONE PERSON/EXPERIENCE THAT REALLY TOUCHED YOUR HEART, IF SO, WOULD YOU PLEASE SHARE? 1) The worship service at Tabernacle Bethesda Haiti was awesome.  I appreciated the exuberant music and singing although I could not understand the words.  The Spirit of the Lord filled the tabernacle. 2) The Ordination service was held at Bethesda-Haiti where several evangelists, pastors, bishops were ordained.  3)Bethesda-Haiti Tabernacle   has a FM radio station called the Holy Ghost that broadcasts the Word of God to many in unserved areas. 4) The baptism where a former voodoo priestess was baptized and came out of the water speaking in tongues.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO RETURN TO HAITI SOME DAY? (Please explain why/why not?) Yes, yes.  I look forward to returning with great expectation. In whatever capacity I can serve, I would be grateful.


IF YES, WHERE DID YOU STAY? Yes.  On our return trip home we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Port au Prince.

HOW MANY NIGHTS? WAS IT COMING IN OR GOING OUT OF THE COUNTRY? After (36 hours) of boarding the plane in Evansville, Indiana, two transfers  and about seven (7) hours’ drive over rough terrain in a SUV we arrived at the Missions of Love Compound.

HOW WERE THE ACCOMMODATIONS? WOULD YOU STAY THERE AGAIN? Yes.  The accommodations were very comfortable.

ANY COMMENTS FROM THERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? I enjoyed the fellowship with the other ladies. My heart was pricked because of the dire living conditions of many families in Haiti.  While there are many services (medical, dental and optical safe water) being provided to residents In Jolivert by Missions of Love, the need is great particularly in evangelism.  I desire is to work with the Adult Literacy Program by raising funds for bibles and program supplies.  Also, I hope to help with obtaining clothing and shoes for those in need.  Please pray for God’s blessings as I pursue these challenges.


From the Desk of Dr. Bob ~ Christophe’s Role at MOL

Dr. Bob’s note on Christophe’s role in our medical program.


One of the most significant and personally satisfying results of our long years of serving in medical missions to Haiti has been the happy and gratifying witnessing of several young people who have crawled out of the poverty and ignorance surrounding them to make something of themselves.  With a little help from Betty and I, along with several others who have lent financial support to such youngsters through their association with MOL, we’ve been blessed to have watched as many of these kids grew into mature adults to become medical technologists, nurses, and even doctors.  More importantly, they’ve become leaders in a new and modern Haitian culture where voodoo and black magic have been replaced by the saving grace of Jesus Christ and a Christian ethic which is gradually changing the face, the future, the very destiny of Haiti.  by young leaders such as these.  Christoph Velcine is a perfect example.

We first met Christophe at his mom’s small and very modest home in the sleepy little village of Dufaille, high in the mountains above Port-au-Prince.  He was, as I recall, a shy and modest, gangly— even downright skinny— young teenager. He, his mom and his twelve-year-old sister, Yvrose, invited us to sit down to dinner with them when we’d dropped by for a visit at Yvrose’s request.  It consisted of a single bowl of a gruel made from boiled “piti-mi”—a local grain similar to milo, the grain we use to feed our livestock.  His mom, with pained expression, apologized for that being all she had to offer.

Long story short: we eventually sent Yvrose off to nursing school which she graduated from near the top of her class, and ultimately came to work for us at Clinique Jolivert.  She proved to be an exceptionally well-trained R.N., highly skilled in all aspects of medical care including the suturing of wounds and the delivering of babies.  While serving as our nursing director under Betty’s supervision, she met an American missionary, Kendall Johnson, also serving at Jolivert at the time; fell in love with him, married him, and returned with him to his home in Winchester, Kentucky where he died prematurely of liver disease, and where she then resided as an American citizen.  But the intense needs of her people led her to return to Haiti where she now runs a small medical clinic and a Christian church school of her own, with help from one of the Christian churches in the Lexington area.

Christophe himself won the heart of one of our lady missionaries from the Pleasant Ridge area who committed to putting him through lab school.  Soon thereafter, he became an employee of our mission clinic at Jolivert, and the rest, of course, is history.  A man for all seasons, Christophe juggles about as many programs and projects as any health professional I have ever met.  Apart from his many duties as clinic director, he has headed up our outreach program for sick children in the remote mountainous areas surrounding Jolivert, and is also the director of our highly successful safe water program, now being touted by WHO and other leading relief organizations as being one of the most cost-efficient, yet simplistic water purification programs to be found anywhere in the Third World.  It now brings clean and potable water to tens of thousands of homes all over Haiti. He is a devoted Christian family man with a lovely wife—who is also a medical technologist and MOL employee– and three delightful children.  We simply could not possibly be any prouder of him.

~ Dr. Bob Johnson

Ministry Spotlight – Medical Clinic

Nearly 25 years ago, Dr. Robert Johnson and his wife/nurse, Betty, of Hartford, KY, purposed it in their hearts that they would serve The Lord through their gifts, talents and careers in the rural Artibonites of Haiti along the Les Trois Rivieres. Although they began their humble mission providing medical care and sleeping outdoors while on brief mission trips, within a few years, along with the support and generosity of others, they had acquired land and built a metal building to house Jolivert’s own Missions Of Love Medical Clinic.

Christophe training a lab tech in 2003

Christophe training a lab tech in 2003

In 1992, a young man named Christophe Velcine had been touched by the love, dedication, and hard work of The Johnson’s and became a member of Missions Of Love staff. “Dr. Bob and Miss Betty inspired me to become a missionary,” said Christophe Velcine as to why he began working at the then-newly developing Christian medical mission. By 2000, Christophe had completed his studies and began working full-time at the MOL Medical Clinic as a Medical Lab Technician.

As more American medical teams continued to visit the MOL campus bringing with them advanced medical education, technology and supplies, and sharing the love of Jesus, the Haitian community began to trust and respect Dr. Bob and Miz Betty, the visiting missionaries, and Missions Of Love.

The Mission continued to grow…

christophe outreach

As did Christophe’s responsibilities. In addition to being a Lab Tech, Christophe also began helping MOL Director, Blaud Mondesir, earning the title of Assistant Director. When the Mission grew to include many more programs, ministries and mission teams, Dr. Bob offered the position of MOL Clinic Director to a now-experienced Christophe. “I was so pleased to receive it!” Christophe recalled, “I had been well-training and had been helping Blaud for a long time, so I was ready.”

“My role changed,” explained Christophe. “When I was a working as a Lab Tech, I just focused on lab works. But, now as Administrator of the Medical Clinic I supervise all the sections, Consultation, Lab, Pharmacy, oversee equipment, perform weekly inventories, control the Clinic finances, conduct staff meetings, maintain constant relationship with community leaders, the MSPP (government health minister) and others who intend to work with MOL. Now, I must be open to in order to make it all work effective.”

Five reasons Christophe loves his job…

“The Medical Clinic has made a huge difference in Jolivert, because of these reasons,” said Christophe.

1.) Physical: Now, the community is healthier. No children die at age three or before because of lack of medical care or no education on preventable diseases.

2.) Education: More children go to school and university. That helps them to be independent and to help themselves and their families.

3.) Socially: Because of the years of working with the government, Jolivert is well known by the government and the International Community, which it was not before. (It is good to work with the government in Haiti.)

4.) Spiritually: Because of the gospel (brought through Missions Of Love and its missionaries), more people get out of the darkness (of Voodoo) and superstition and now have freedom to experience the life and hope that Jesus give.

5.) But, for me, I work for Missions Of Love because as the primary mission of MOL is to serve and show the love of Jesus Christ, so MOL gives me the opportunity to serve and show the love of Jesus Christ.

24 Years of Positive Change

“When we first started working full-time at the Jolivert Clinic in 2000, we saw an average of 70 – 80 patients a day,” recalled Christophe. “The studies showed that most of the patients had preventable diseases, so we began to start prevention programs like Safe Water, daily health education, and home visits for follow up care. That reduced completely the number of our patients. Today, we average about 20 patients a day, treating common things like thyphoid, malaria, parasites, high blood pressure, blood sugar, anemia, UTI, STD’s, HIV testing, counseling and care. And, we only charge a small fee for those who can pay, to help us to maintain the clinic and keep it sustainable.”

Looking Ahead

MOL Jolivert Medical Clinic

MOL Jolivert Medical Clinic

“I hope in the future to be able to give better care to community,” said Christophe as he shared his wish list. “We hope to one day have X-ray available, be able to perform all lab tests, have a full-time dentist, equipment to keep the yard clean and safe, an incinerator to properly dispose of medical waste, an ambulance for emergencies, and to have medical and dental teams come in frequently to continue to share their knowledge, love and wisdom. And, I know that with God all this is possible.”