June Dental Team is On Their Way

Please be in prayer for the June Dental Team as they head to Haiti.  Pray that their skills will be used to improve the lives of those they touch and that they are the hands and feet of Jesus, spreading the news of His Love to everyone they encounter.


You can still join the October Dental Team. Dentists and hygienists are needed!


Spring Work Team – Follow Up Report

MOL Haiti Spring Work Team 2015

The three-man work team of Joe Greene, Dale Breedlove and Ralph Porter spent their days in April at the MOL compound in Haiti doing what handymen do… sawing, sorting, hammering, hanging, plumbing and planning. By the end of the 10-day trip the trio had completed several projects on the new building and mission house, made a trip to St. Louis de Norde to acquire long-lost goods, and experienced the blessings of Easter and Passover on the Isle of Hispaniola.


Albeit, the guys agreed that one of the first pleasures upon arriving at the MOL compound, was the treat to the eyes as they got an up close and personal look at all the MOL medical buildings sporting a fresh coat of bright white paint, courtesy of Dr. Asa’s March work team. The guy’s concensus was “They sure looked nice, and so professional.”

Prepared to “git ‘er done,” their to-do list looked something like this:
* Pharmacy: Build shelves and hang lights. CHECK. CHECK.
* Dental Clinic: Build X-ray room. Install dental X-ray machine. Build shelves. Install and plumb sink. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. And double CHECK.
* New Building: Install water filter on the water line coming into the new building to help prevent build up in the water lines. CHECK.
*Mission House: Convert closet into storage room for handyman tools and supplies. CHECK.
* Retrieve and Inventory Three-Year Old Shipment from Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. CHECK and CHECK.
(Thanks to Blaud, Dale and Ol’ Blue, the MOL Army truck, this check also marked the celebrated arrival of the medical X-ray machine parts. So, now the hope of acquiring X-ray capabilities in the medical clinic has been resurrected!)
** Fix other things all around the compound as needed. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. Check. Ch…

In addition to all the work accomplished at the compound, the guys noted how active, and well-maintained the medical clinic was operating, the efficiency of the new generator and solar system, and how very much they enjoyed celebrating the Passover season and Easter with their Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.

Now back state-side, the guys can take a little rest knowing the MOL Pharmacy is complete, the mission house is pretty up to snuff, the dental clinic is ready for the arrival of the June dental team and future dental dreams, and a partial sigh of relief can be released as hope grows toward receiving the rest of an almost, all-but-forgotten shipment.

Dental Clinic Update

From Barbie Porter –  I have a special prayer request I’d like to ask you to take upon your heart in agreement prayer with me. As most of you know, The Lord allowed Ralph and I the honor of seeing a new dental clinic built in the sands of Missions Of Love in Jolivert, Haiti, a mission we dearly love and believe The Lord has sent us to. From the time of the first round of dental donations, April 28, 2012, till the start of the new building in Haiti, January 10, 2014, till the last coat of crippie (stucco-type finish) was on December 19, 2014, it seems God has commissioned this project by providing countless provisions, timely shipments, a quick build and a beautiful building.

However, it breaks our hearts to see this new dental clinic sitting idle. Will you please help us pray that The Lord will send godly, caring, mission-minded dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to comprise dental teams for Missions Of Love dental clinics in Jolivert, Haiti for this year? And, likewise, that God will provide a godly Haitian, Cuban or other, dentist, hygienists and assistant, as local staff for ongoing, dental care?

The residents of Jolivert area truly need dental care and have suffered long without it. Thank you so much for your prayer support. God Bless You!