Before and After

This is a photo of Ludy, her two sons and her father.  The house that you see behind them is where they were living before the hurricane destroyed the small hut.  Can you imagine 4 people living in that small space?


This is Ludy’s new home.  Thanks to your generous contributions to the MOL Hurricane Relief Fund, we were able to construct her this new home.

hurricane house photos

Updated Photos: Hurricane Relief

This is an update from Blaud, our Haitian Administrator in Jolivert.  Included are photos of just a small portion of the work that was done for hurricane relief.

Dear Betty and Bob,

I would like to thank you for all you have done for me and for the people in Marotier. I send you a lot of compliment for that. I pray for God to continue to bless you all.

The roof on the church was a successfull job,everybody there feel happy and pride for the church.


These are a few of the people that have been helped with your generous donations.  Click on the photo below to go to the photo album to see all the photos.

Paul Etienne with his new mule.

Hurricane Relief Nov 2008

Etienne PaulMadame Etienne Paul came to recieve food. She walked thru the river from Fond-du-Rock, about a mile from the Jolivert Clinic. She was standing in line with about 100 plus other people, waiting for the Saturday food distribution to begin.

Each Saturday, Christophe Velcine, with help from clinic staff and local volunteers, package about 1000 lbs of rice, beans and cooking oil. Lists of needy people were made by local pastors. Each family received one bag of food.

This Saturday morning I was on my way to the clinic to help Dr Bob do a minor surgery. I stopped and greeted the people waiting for food. Many of the people I have known for years. I gave Madame Etienne a rendovous (an appointment for Monday morning in the clinic). She is very old, extremely thin and using a big stick to help her walk.

About an hour later after finishing in the clinic, I saw her lying on the ground. I wondered what had happened. People in the crowd told me that she was so weak that she couldn’t sit or stand any longer. I heard someone in the waiting crowd say — is Miss Betty going to do anything to help her? I knew she could not wait or walk home without eating first. Dieufort, an employee of the clinic went with me to the mission house. I sent her cooked rice and bread. After she ate, she waited and left with her bag of food.

On the following Monday, Madame Etienne came into the exam room with a big smile on her face and her big stick in her hand. She said THANK you for the food!!!!

I want to say thank you to everyone that sent gifts of money to help feed the hungry, provide free medicine to the sick and help with other needs as a result of the hurricanes. Thousands saw and felt the Love and Compassion of Jesus affecting and touching them in a very personal way. God Bless you for following your hearts.

Matthew 25:40 Betty Johnson