Update from Haiti ~ via Karen Becher

Hi everyone, this is the first opportunity I have had to e-mail.  It has been a primitive trip with little electricity and no e-mail until now.  I arrived in Port au Prince on Friday morning as planned.  I had a tour of the city and was able to see the damage from the earthquake.  I was surprised how one house or business could be destroyed and the place next to it was standing.  There is so much ruble in the streets and the traffic is awful.  There are tent cities everywhere it seems but people are trying to go on with life.

There are 16 kids at the orphanage from about 20 months to 10 years.  The kids are so sweet.  They loved having us there.  They look good overall but are not getting enough to eat-we will be working on that.  Our flight was cancelled to Port de Paix after we spent 3 hours at the airport.  We ended up staying an extra night at the orphange.  Our flight was so delayed the next day that we had to spend the night in PDP because it was too late to head for the mountains.

We arrived in Beauchamp on Monday morning.  The 2 nurses set up a clinic at the comminity building and I was the pharmacist.  We saw pt’s for about 4 hours then went to church that evening.  There were 10 of us and there were 4 twin matresses.  I think I forgot to mention how hot it has been, anyway, the building we had to sleep in was nice but was probably 85 degrees at night so Heather and I ended up sharing a matress and sleeping outside in the army truck.

We did clinic again Tuesday morning and left about noon to head for Jolivert.  Right before we left the community gave MOL a goat.  A goat is an extremely generous gift from the people and can’t be refused.  So the goat was in the back of the truck with us all the way to Jolivert.  We will be having it for dinner tonight or tomorrow.  I am doing well and feeling good.

My only complaint is it is hotter than I expected for October, it’s got to be in the upper 90’s; the sweating starts at about 7:00 am-yuk!
Love, Karen